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Swedish Projects

Dolph Lundgren

genre period piece / epic
production co(s) Thor Pictures / Swedish Film Industry
producer Dolph Lundgren
writer Reidar Jönsson
location Sweden

news & updates

Dolph Lundgren always said he would love to play in Swedish. He worked for a few years (don't know if it's still the case) with the Swedish Film Industry on a period piece film written by Reidar Jönsson (My life as a dog directed by Lasse Hallstrom) and on an adaptation of novels.

"Right now, my company, Red Orm Productions, named after a character in one of my favorite Swedish books, is developing a project with the Swedish film industry. This means a lot to me because for a while my pictures were banned in Sweden because of the violence." Dolph Lundgren in Film Review, Sci-Fi Special #14, February 1996

"I have ideas for projects, couple of films I'd like to do in Sweden. There's a period piece that I very much like and will probably produce and star in, in Swedish, which is something I haven't done before."

"I suppose in ten years I would like to have my integrety and my choices, and go back and do some more stage. I'd love to do something in Sweden, I love Sweden history and I would love to do a period piece." Dolph Lundgren in Men's Perspective, August 1996

"There are two projects I am working on here, one with the company called the Swedish Film Industry, and another based on a series of novels. [...] My interest over here is to do something in Swedish, or in a mix of Swedish and English"

"The Swedish project was written by a very good writer, he's pretty famous here. He's written a number of books - one that was made into the film "My Life As A Dog" and directed by Lasse Hallstrom. He wrote the period piece we're putting together, and my character is really interesting. "

"It has more of a melancholic feeling. And the period piece script I mentioned is a little more like that. It's more of an epic, but it has a certain, what shall I say, nostalgia - like "Dances With Wolves"; it's pretty large scale, and has lot to do with nature and the land, and this country's history." Dolph Lundgren to Douglas Elby, SOMA magazine, July/August 1996

Among Dolph Lundgren's Swedish projects was also a picture called Still the Drums, that was rewrote by Bridge of Dragons's script doctor, Clint Lien.

The kind of serious projects I'm waiting for years! Dramatic film/performance, not entertainment action packed!

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