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The synopsis below is based on the original script by Carlton Holder (which was re-wrote by Clint Lien on behalf of the producers). Reading it let us imagine how the completed film could have been like. Before and after are some comments from the writer & the re-writer.

Carlton Holder : "The script was originally "A Bridge of Dragons." It was a futuristic love story very much like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." While the script wasn't written for Dolph Lundgren, it was written for someone of his stature. I don't know how much you know about how Hollywood works, but this is how a good script becomes a bad movie:
I brought the script to an indie producer who wanted to work with Nu-Image and knew they were looking for a project for Dolph Lundgren. The indie producer got the script to Dolph and Dolph said he wanted to do it immediately. So, Nu- Image bought the script and agreed to let the indie producer produce the movie. I was flown to New York to meet with Dolph and the director. Both were excited about doing the project. Dolph said he wanted to train for two months, so he went to Europe to train. [...] The director and Dolph, who both loved my script, were upset when they arrived in Bulgaria to shoot the movie and [there was] a totally different script waiting for them [...]"
August 2002 (to the webmaster)

Set in a post war holocaust, BRIDGE OF DRAGONS tells the story of two warring nations left over from the aftermath, threaten to wipe out the population for good. They are divided into the "Confederation of Scientific Technology" and "The Republic". The first nation pushes for the advancement of technology while the latter rejects it.

The story opens up in the heat of battle between the two. Our hero, Warchyld, tears through the opposing forces. Meanwhile, in a mansion overlooking a vast spread of outdated villages, a young oriental girl – Halo – awaits to be married to – Roucheng – a high ranking general from the Republic. She is also a Taoist priestess, trained in the ancient martial arts. Unfortunately she is not in love with the general and on their wedding day she escapes, becoming a fugitive.

At the same time Warchyld, tired of the effects of battle, walks amongst the ruins. He is on a mission to destroy an enemy despot. This is not the first time he's been on such a mission. In fact he's been killing enemies since childhood. He's good at what he does, but recently, age, experience, and a new outlook have raised some shadows of doubt inside.

Warchyld has penetrated an enemy target as instructed. Inside the building he fires at will killing the "enemy" One man remains alive, bleeding and praying. Warchyld cannot find it in him to kill the man. The man talk to Warchyld, and trough this, he discovers that he is in a church and just killed a group of priest. He is not supposed to care as religion has been banned however he is unable to just brush this off.

He returns to his superiors telling them he is no longer willing to continue with his life style. They see him as a threat and send out an assassin to kill him. The assassin –Jeremy- is also the man who trained him. He too feels a conscience, and is torn between his friend and his cause. Warchyld is on the run being chased by his own people.

Back at the front, Halo rides as far away from her land as possible. She finds a hiding spot by a river and takes a bath. Suddenly a group of "Republic" soldiers come across her and begin teasing her. Using beauty as a weapon, she tricks and kills their leader. What they don't know is that she has more than beauty. Alongside her martial arts experience, she has a barrage of ancient weapons. During the battle Warchyld shows up and help her dispose of the last remaining soldiers.

The two go on the run together, stopping at a tavern to eat. There a group of soldiers are causing a bit of a raucous. Warchyld and Halo go to town on them and quickly disperse of them. The innkeeper thanks them and gives them a supply of food. After numerous skirmishes and battles along the way, they arrive at a sanctuary. There they are wed and they move on to another city. While trying to rescue a tied up girl, they are captured and the taken hostage by their respective sides. Halo is due to be beheaded and Warchyld is left crucified on a cross. He yells at the soldiers below him that although he is going to die there, al least he is free.

Halo manages to escape and heads back to rescue Warchyld. They ride off into the sunset, galloping right past a man on foot. He turns out to be Jeremy. The three exchange looks. Jeremy gives them a peace sign. Jeremy lets them go unhindered – he is the next outlaw.

Carlton Holder : "That synopsis, although not written by me, is basically the story. They did however leave out the entire climax, which is once Warchylde and Halo wed, they have to escape across a narrow bridge between two mountains. However, unknown to them the Confederation of Scientific Knowledge and the Republic have declared a temperary truce in order to capture Halo and Warchylde. While crossing the bridge, they are trapped in between by both armies (One army on each side). Together Halo and Warchylde fight back to back, until the overwhelming numbers overtake them. But for that moment, they themselves are a bridge... a bridge of dragons." August 2002 (to the webmaster)

Clint Lien : "I did an uncredited rewrite on the project and spent two week in Bulgaria last summer on the set. You'll see my name as an Associate Producer. Cary's character's name is simply Ruechang. There is no set date for the film. It's simply in the future." "There is no Republic or Scientific Techno factions. There is only the ruling class and an underground group of rebels. Cary plays a ruthless General who is suppose to marry the princess, but she flees before the wedding. Cary sends his best soldier to retrieve her - that's Dolph. I saw a screening of the film a few weeks ago. It looked pretty good." , message posted on the DOLPH-Definitive Guide guestbook, summer 1999

Clint Lien : "I rewrote Bridge of Dragons for the film company two years ago. It seems many people wanted to go in a different direction than the original writer chose. I wrote a completely different script and was subsequently sent to Bulgaria with Dolph during the filming to do additional writing for the show. It was a great experience and Dolph was a great guy. After the movie ended Dolph and I stayed in touch and I ended up doing another rewrite for a movie he was going to do in Sweden called Still The Drums. I don't know if they ever made that movie." , February 2000 (to the webmaster)