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pre-sales flyer (above): Fries Film Group is marketing the film to international distributors since 2000, that is to say before having signed Dolph Lundgren to star in it.

Alien Agent


plot summary
An unstoppable warrior. A master of weapons and hand-to-hand combat. MARLOWE is the samurai of the future who lives by a strict code. But, Marlowe has a secret. He's not human.

The SYNDICATE is a shadowy criminal organization. Nothing stands between them and world domination. Nothing except Marlowe.

JULIE is a smart and spunky fifteen year old who lost her family to Syndicate killers. She wants justice and will do anything to get it.

SAYLON is an assasin from beyond the stars. He has come to earth to spearhead an invasion. These four will collide in a titanic battle to determine the fate of the world.

Overflowing with action and attitude, ALIEN AGENT is a non-stop rollercoaster ride where Blade Runner-style futurism meets Hong Kong-style action. Forget Rambo. Forget Robocop. They were only human.

A brave new world needs a new kind of hero - an Alien Agent. (from the Fries Film flyer)

Jon Fries / Roger Christian / Sidney J. Furie / Jesse Johnson Directors
Dolph Lundgren / Mark Dacascos Marlowe

genre Action / Sci-Fi
production co(s) Fries Film Group / Maurice Smith Productions
budget $6M

Charles M. Fries

Jon Fries (executive)

Maurice Smith (line)

writer Vlady Pildysh
locations Canada

news & updates

Written by Vlady Pildysh. The first announced director (Cannes 2000) was Jon Fries. Roger Christian (Nostradamus, Battlefield Earth) was then signed to direct (Allan A. Goldstein had also been mentionned) and Sidney J. Furie (Detention) was hired afterwards. Produced by Charles M. Fries and Jon Fries (executive) (Fries Film Group), Maurice Smith (line), Michael Stevens (associate), Satish Tandon. Budget: $6 million. Principal photography is constantly delayed (announced to start on August 25, 2001, then on March 15, 2002). Still in pre-production with no start date yet, originally to be shot in Nova Scotia (Canada) and put on hold after September 11th. It's was then set to be filmed in Bollywood (India) and re-scheduled for Canada, probably Montreal.

In June 2003, Mark Dacascos (Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of the Wolf) is attached as the lead cast replacing Dolph Lundgren. Tom Sizemore would has been mentioned as a possible Marlowe and at the AFM 2005, Christophe Lambert (Greystoke, Highlander, Fortress) is announced to be attached to the project.

Finally, Jesse Johnson (Pit Fighter) took on directing the film in June 2006 in Canada, with Mark Dacascos and Billy Zane in the lead roles.


ALIEN AGENT" (Maurice Smith official site,
Spring 2001)

"ALIEN AGENT. Action. An unstoppable alien warrior collides in a titanic battle with an assassin from beyond the stars. Earth is the arena and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Cast: Dolph Lundgren. Budget:$6M. Principal photography starts August 25, 2001." from Fries Film Group product list, Cannes 2001

"In response to the recent discovery of new "space king" Martian photos, the producer of the new Dolph Lundgren sci-fi film "ALIEN AGENT" says he thinks humans are a genetic combination of aliens and apes.
Producer Maurice Smith (LAPD : TO PROTECT AND SERVE) says he believes aliens originally colonized the Earth to salvage precious metals for scientific applications. When mining ore became too dangerous, the aliens genetically-spliced their DNA with primates, creating a new order of domicile and receptive workers.
Smith said he specifically chose well-known action star Dolph Lundgren to portray the alien hero for his film, not only because of Lundgren's Black Belt martial arts proficiency but also because of Lundgren's "scientific interest regarding the controversial subject matter". Lundgren had attended the Royal Insititute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, received a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia and awarded a Fullbright Scholarship to MIT.
The futuristic multi-million dollar production begins shooting this summer in Canada."
(from a May 2001 Command Entertainment press release)

MAY 15, 2001 UPDATE :
Movie producer Maurice Smith, whose films include cult classics "Cycle Savages" (Bruce Dern), "Julie Darling" (Tony Franciosa), "Secrets" (Jacqueline Bissett), "Recruits" (Lolita Davidovich), "Deathgame"" (David McCallum/Timothy Bottoms) and "LAPD : To Protect and Serve" (Dennis Hopper/Michael Madsen) is currently scouting locations for the new sci-fi thriller : "Alien Agent". Action star Dolph Lundgren has been tipped to star. Smith's team will either shoot in Nova Scotia or Vancouver Canada this summer.

JUNE 15, 2001 UPDATE :
Producer Maurice Smith confirms Nova Scotia as his best bet for ALIEN AGENT. He is currently in talks with top Production Managers in the area and says he has just met with Dolph "Punisher" Lundgren, who has agreed to star ...

(TORONTO) Producer MAURICE SMITH has hired multiple Academy Award winner ROGER CHRISTIAN to direct his upcoming sci-fi thriller "ALIEN AGENT".

Christian won Oscars for Best Set Dec on "Star Wars" and Best Live Action Short "The Dollar Bottom". He was previously nominated for an Academy Award for Set Design on Ridley Scott's "Alien" and was George Lucas' Second Unit Director on "Star Wars : The Phantom Menace".

"I am happy to announce that we signed Academy Award winner Roger Christian to direct ALIEN AGENT. Dolph Lundgren is attached to play the lead, a law enforcement office from another galaxy sent to Earth to protect its inhabitants against an evil horde of aliens bent on conquering the universe. [...]
We are set to start principal photography on ALIEN AGENT in the first quarter of next year. I'll let you know the exact start date soon. "

"Separated from his world, Dolph Lundgren's ALIEN AGENT tries to assimilate with Earth culture while waiting for communication from his home planet. As in Luc Besson's THE PROFESSIONAL, our hero bonds with a 15-year-old girl who looks up to him as a savior.
Then, without notice, a portal opens up on earth that the evil aliens intend to use to invade the Earth. Determined to save the girl and our planet from total annihilation, Dolph must stop the evil aliens and close the portal - but at what cost?"

"Roger Christian is next set to direct Dolph Lundgren in the stylish Sci-Fi action movie: ALIEN AGENT. Dolph Lundgren will portray an extraterrestrial law enforcement officer intent on protecting Earth from a horde of evil aliens trying to invade and destroy our planet.""ALIEN AGENT has been licensed to quality distributors around the world[...]. US rights were licensed to Domain Cinema, Paul Allen's new domestic distribution venture." from Gregory Stuart, Fries Film Group Executive Vice President.

"ALIEN AGENT. Action. A lawman from another Galaxy must stop an invading force from building a gateway between the two worlds. Cast: Dolph Lundgren. Director Sidney Furie (IRON EAGLE I-IV; SUPERMAN IV). Production start date: March 15, 2002." from Fries Film Group Spring 2002 production slate

UPDATE April 2002
-- email from Michael Stevens:
"I am no longer involved with the project, and as far as my knowledge, following the events of September 11, the project was 'revisited' and put on hold because of the extreme violence of the screenplay. The initial momentum (scheduling) of the show was lost at that point and many key personnel involved went to work on other pictures." from DOLPH - the definitive Guide

UPDATE June 2002
"Producer Satish Tandon has signed Julie Christie and Isabella Rossellini for his Hollywood film The Stamp Collector. Tandon is also making another film called Alien Agent starring action hero Dolph Lundgren and two other Indian action heroes and a heroine. The films are being made in collaboration with Fries Film group INC, Alibon Entertainment UK and Alien Agent Productions INC, Canada." from

"[...] producer Satish Tandon is now producing films in English, in Hollywood. He has collaborated with producer Charles of Alibon Entertainment, U.K. and producer Maurice Smith of Alien Agent Productions Inc., Canada to make two English films which is mounted on a huge canvas, in Hollywood. Both the films will star Hollywood actors and actresses and technical team and expertise. Not only this, both the projects are fully insured and time bound. The major portions of both this films is being contemplated to be shot in India. Satish Tandon will co-produce these joint ventures under his banner of Satish Tandon Visions Ltd., India. [...] The second film titled Alien Agent will be directed by Allan Goldstein. It is being written by Vlady Plish and stars Dolph Lundgreen in the title role. Three top Bollywood artistes are under finalisation for both the films." from ScreenIndia

UPDATE January 7, 2003
Dolph Lundgren said: "I've done Alien Agent. I play a man who must stop a gateway opening between two galaxies. It's a science fiction movie of sorts. Sidney Furie is the director, and we have an amazing cast." from "B & K Sports Magazine" (translation from Swedish?)

UPDATE April 16, 2003
In the new Cannes 2003 production slate from Fries Film Group, Alien Agent is still listed as being "in pre-production", can't find anywhere when it will be shot.

UPDATE June 2, 2003
"MARK DACASCOS is now attached to this project replacing DOLPH LUNDGREN." email to the webmaster from Mr. Tony Brewster, Fries Film Group, Inc

UPDATE November 2005
In the Fries Film Group slate for the American Film Market, CHRISTOPHE LAMBERT is listed as the new star attached to the project. Principal photography is supposed to start late February 2006.

UPDATE May 2006
Finally the project takes off for a June 2006 principal photography, "Alien Agent" will be directed by Jesse Johnson (Pit Fighter) with Mark Dacascos in the lead.



Script review:
I have read the screenplay, it is 103 pages of straight forward action with chases, gunfightings and martial arts. It's like a crossing between Dark Angel and Men In Black, X-Files and Stargate, with some twists coming directly from Batman, Terminator 2 and Mad Max! But all this mixing up of sci-fi blockbusters results in a phony story, which is a shame. The motive of Marlowe (killing the assassins of his wife and child) seems too much cliché because it's not exploited more of that. The relationship between Marlowe and Julie, the alien cop far from his world and the rebel teen girl, would have deserved more depth. But hopefully it will be re-worked, as the project was "revisited" since the September 11th events...


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