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Cover-Up 2

Dolph Lundgren

Mike Anderson

genre Action / Thriller
production co(s) Capitol Films
producers Jacob Kotzky / Sharon Harel

news & updates

"The filming of Cover Up just completed, production already announces its sequel." Impact, # 27, June 1990 (translated from French)

"Masters of the Universe, Red Scorpion 2, The Punisher 2 and even the sequel of Cover Up... The list of sequels projects on Dolph' agent desk is long." from Impact, # 30, December 1990 (translated from French)

But the end of the first film suggests that Mike Anderson sacrifies himself and dies. And the movie probably didn't do so good than expected, as for example its release was delayed (from January 9 to July 10, 1991) by the distributor in France due to the Gulf War events, and it went straight to video in UK or US.

"It's a coincidence. Awkward for the world peace, but rather welcomed for a movie. The audience doesn't always know we're taking months to do a motion picture and, when it is released, they think i'ts opportunism..." Lundgren in Cine-News, # 28, January 1991

"It is said you waited Gulf War ends to release the film... -Yes. Producers and distributors chose the wisest solution. At the begining, the subject's choice wasn't linked to a tension in the Gulf. In fact, the film was completed before the conflict! I was at the origin of the project. The original screenplay included only but action, and I didn't want to fall again the B movie style, so I made it rework by writer Bill Tannen whom I followed the work from the beginning to the end." Dolph Lundgren in Cine-News, #31, June 1991 (translated from French)

picture: Capitol Films


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