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John Carpenter's Vampires (French poster)



Russell Mulcahy


Dolph Lundgren

Jack Crow

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It is known that John Carpenter's Vampires was a project originaly to be directed by Russell Mulcahy (the elmer behind Razorback, Highlander, and of course Lundgren's Silent Trigger) project. In July 1995, the French teenage magazine XL said Mulcahy was to be directing it starring Dolph Lundgren.

"In Vampires from Russell Mulcahy, blood drinkers will bite the dust. It's Dolph Lundgren who will the brandish the crucifix!" news from XL magazine (translated from french), 12 July,1995

It is quite possible, as Dolph would portray perfectly the vampire hunter Jack Crow. But, I am not so sure of this, because the summer 95 was the Silent Trigger filming period, and it's also probably a mistake...


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