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Frogs For Snakes


plot summary
It is the story of a former mob collector forced to do one more job to pacify her old boss.


Amos Poe


Barbara Hershey

Eva Santana

Treat Williams
Lisa Marie

Myrna L'Hatsky

Stephen Baldwin
Robbie Coltrane


Dolph Lundgren


genre Thriller / Comedy
production co(s) The Shooting Gallery / Rain Films
writer Amos Poe
news & updates

Announced in during the 1997 Cannes Festival among some Shooting Gallery International projects, to start shooting in the summer 97. Completed without Dolph, who was busy that summer, shooting both The Minion and Sweepers. Still, his announced participation to the film wasn't confirmed by other sources (to my knowledge).

"The action-comedy was written and will be directed by Amos Poe (Storm Riders", "Triple Bogey on Par 5"). Expected to star in the film are: Treat Williams ("Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead"), Lisa Marie ("Mars Attacks"), Stephen Baldwin ("The Usual Suspects") Robbie Coltrane ("Nuns on the Run") and Dolph Lundgren. The company is also in talks with Barbara Hershey ("The Portrait of a Lady") for the film slated to start shooting in the summer. It is the story of a former mob collector forced to do one more job to pacify her old boss." from Hollywood Reporter, Cannes satellite edition, May 11, 1997

In 2011, director Amos Poe said about whether Dolph was really attached: "... i can't remember... maybe for a minute, but i dont think it was ever a real moment ..." then he recalled: "oh you're right... that's true !!! Dolph was up for that... don't know what happened there. harry was the last to be cast."


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