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plot summary
Jim Solomen is a hired assassin, sent on a revenge mission. Bernard Abrams, a wealthy businessman, has lost his daughter Allison, to a white slave trader. Bernard wants all involved dead. The body count will determine Solomen's pay. Ten grand a head.

Once Solomen reaches the Far East, he looks up and old friend Jimmy Hickox, an American, thought to be a POW. Jimmy fills Solomen's weapons order, which reads like a shopping list for a coup d'etat. But he has little to offer in the way of information, except a warning that his mission is suicide.

Solomen must infiltrate the country using his past government connections to obtain an F14 fighter plane and a US Navy LA class submarine. As he pursues Allison's kidnappers, he hears of their systematic destruction. Each new clue leads to another notch in the body count, and the leveling of another city block. Of course, those attacked bite back. Initially, they are only local groups, but it is soon revealed that the Triad Mafia is a big part of the ugliness, and then it worsens, as the government rears its ugly head.

But Solomen keeps killing, a mutilating machine. He is being chased as hard as he chases. Now in the country, he must fight his way out. Until a final surprising conflict, in which he rights all wrongs, and puts an end to a big part of the slave trade. (from the Phoenician/Franchise Pictures' flyer)

(W.B. Hickox) / Damian Lee


Dolph Lundgren

Jim Solomen



production co(s)

Phoenician Entertainment / Franchise Pictures


Donald Lee / Tracee Stanley / Noble Henry / Alison Semenza


Kevin Bernhardt

news & updates

Captured was originaly written by Kevin Bernhardt (Sweepers, Jill Rips). Captured was pre-sold under this title with this pitch below but it was rewrote by director Damian Lee and became the film now known as Agent Red. Even if they originaly shot Agent Red under the title Captured, I consider it as a never seen project, as the story was significantly different from the one told in Agent Red. It also seems Dolph Lundgren signed on the picture for the original script and doesn't seem overjoyed to play in Agent Red. In fact, the line "it sounds like a bad action movie" is part of the re-shoots and new scenes (Damian Lee was actually replaced by another director for re-shoots, because he had gone back to Canada for other projects).

Note: The credited director, W.B. Hickox seems not to really exists!

PHOENICIAN ENTERTAINMENT presents a HICKOX film DOLPH LUNDGREN "CAPTURED" production designer STEVE RALPH casting by SHANA LANDSBERG line producer BILL STEAKLEY music by DEEJI MINCEY & BORIS ZELKIN edited by VANICK MORADIAN director of photography BRIAN GREENBURG co-producer TRACEY STANLEY written by KEVIN BERNHARDT produced by DONALD LEE directed by W.B. HICKOX 

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