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plot summary
5 thieves... 500 cars... 1 day... Quality not quantity.
Once a year the five greatest car thieves on the planet assemble to hold a competition to see who's the best. These aren't your average car thieves... they're the "crème de la crème" of their dark profession. If they stole paintings, they would steal the Mona Lisa. If they stole precious gems, they would steal the Hope diamond. But as car thieves they insist on only going after extremely rare, vintage cars... (read complete synopsis)

Roger Avary / Ian Sharp


Matt Dillon


Dolph Lundgren


Jean-Hugues Anglade


Chow Yun-Fat


Nastassja Kinski

Claudia Hex

Terence Stamp

Ishmail Redmond

Daniel Auteuil

Benny Beneix

Eric Stoltz

Max Baxter

Vanessa Paradis


genre Adventure
production co(s) Columbus Films
producers Morgan Mason / Kathy Morgan
writer Roger Avary (before rewrites)
locations Nice (France)

news & updates

First draft written by Roger Avary, produced by Morgan Mason. At the end of 1994, Avary (who was a production assistant on Maximum Potential alongside his friend Quentin Tarantino) should direct it, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade, Matt Dillon, Dolph Lundgren, Nastassja Kinski, and many others... It was filmed end 1996 by Ian Sharp replacing Roger Young in southern France, starring David Arquette, Emmanuelle Seigner and Famke Janssen. The cast of Dolph was also announced several times but it was wrong information.

"He's talking "RPM," an ensemble piece, to follow." from Variety, November 8, 1994

"Actually, I'm talking to Roger Avary about doing something he's writing. An ensemble piece." Dolph Lundgren in Movieline, volume VI n°10, July 1995

"It's in the Victorine Sudios, in Nice, that RPM is being filmed, a movie that tells the exploits of the best car thiefs team in the world. The film is directed by Ian Sharp (who directed second unit of Goldeneye) based on a screenplay by Roger Avary. It gathers Rosanna Arquette and her brother David around Emmanuelle Seigner and Dolph Lundgren, as well as Ron Perlman." from Premiere, November 1996 (translated from French)

I since got in contact with the stunt coordinator Patrick Cauderlier who told me it wasn't the case (Lundgren shot The Peacekeeper at that time). The film was completed and screened at the 1997 Cannes Film Market but wasn't even shown yet to Emmanuelle Seigner, back in 1998. The movie was at last released in video & DVD in 2000. Roger Avary told he left the project at an early stage, both Dolph Lundgren and Matt Dillon as well. Indeed Avary's (uncredited) script was rewrote and Dolph's character and others were deleted. Now the movie is only a glimpse of what it could have been.

Roger Avary says: "A film I was supposed to direct about car thieves holding a competition in the South of France.

QUICK SKINNY: Wrote the script and decided that I didn't want to make the film, so I backed out of the project. The films producer hired another director and then hired the two guys who did "Grumpier Old Men" (!?!) to rewrite my script. The rewrite was so dramatically different from my original material that I opted to remove my name from the film." from Roger Avary's website

The project was interesting, as the film (with previous cast and writer) could have been as well, with probably odd characters in the Killing Zoe or Pulp Fiction style!

For plot, original cast and pre-sales poster, visit this web site:
Columbus Films

Roger Avary's own website

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