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It Waits


Sometimes a man must fight more than his own demons.

plot summary

Plot: In a remote wilderness, a demon is accidentally released from its ancient tomb - and one man alone stands in its way...

(read the complete synopsis here)

Steven R. Monroe Director
Dolph Lundgren Mike

genre Action / Horror
production co(s) Bauer Martinez Studios / UKFS / Lucky UKFS / FrameWerk / The Tower Limited Liability Partnership / Liverpool Film Studios
budget $6M

Philippe Martinez and Alan Latham.

Co-produced by Colin McKeown and Stephen Marsden.

executive producers

Steven J. Cannell and Antony Blakey

Anthony Tomaska (co-executive)

writers Richard Christian Matheson / Thomas Szollosi
locations Liverpool and North Wales

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news & updates

Horror movie starring Dolph Lundgren (Mike). Written by Richard Christian Matheson and Thomas Szollosi (screenwriters of The Hulk, Knight Rider and A-Team TV series). Produced by Philippe Martinez, Alan Latham. Executive producers: Steven J. Cannell, Antony Blakey, co-executive producer Anthony Tomaska. Co-produced by Colin McKeown and Stephen Marsden. Production companies: Lucky 7 Productions LLC, Liverpool Film Studios, Tower Film Productions, UKFS, Lucky UKFS, FrameWerk, The Tower Limited Liability Partnership. Distributed internationally by Bauer Martinez Studios. Budget: $6 million. Was to begin filming on July 14, 2003 in Liverpool and North Wales but it hasn't started photography because they had to finalise details about the location etc. In October 2003, the project has been put on hold at Bauer Martinez Studio. Dolph confirmed the project was put aside. In Ocotober 2004, the movie begins filming in Canada without Dolph but with the same director and a $1,2 million budget, the main character is re-written as a female lead.


May 2003

"Dolph is making a 'predator type action' movie called It Waits.

Dolph's latest offering is apparently about a scary monster and many exterior shots will be filmed in North Wales when cameras start rolling in the summer.

Liverpool Film Studios boss Colin McKeown , who will be producing Dolph's film, told The insider: "It's been my dream that we bring the big names to the city.

"Our reputation goes before us and as a location we are world famous."

Colin adds that he wanted to film forest sequences for Dolph's film in Liverpool but "we don't have a forest.

"I was thinking of planting a new one - anything's possible in Liverpool." from ic, May 2003
thanks to Tom for the news!

Bauer Martinez Cannes 2003 product list (from Moving Pictures Cannes special issue):
"It Waits Horror. Pre-Production Dir Steven R. Monroe Cast Dolph Lundgren. A demon is accidentally released from a tomb, and only one man is in his way."

May 19, 2003:
"It Waits have been sold to Russia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Greece and the Middle East." from Variety

update May 20, 2003:

"Action hero Dolph Lundgren, of Rocky IV and Universal Soldier fame, is to star in one of the films, a horror movie with the working title The Soul of Caleb Lee [incidentally a different project], which will begin shooting in Liverpool mid-July. "

"In The Soul of Caleb Lee, Lundgren will play a man forced to grapple with an unknown, malevolent force. The script is currently being revised after which precise locations and a budget will be set.

Post production will be carried out at Kirkdale-based Liverpool Film Studios. Studio director Colin McKeown said: "We are still waiting on the script so I can't say anything about many of the details but I am pleased to confirm that the Dolph Lundgren film will be shot in Liverpool from July 14." " from (click here to read the entire article)
thanks to Darling for the link!

March 2004

Asked on his official site about the status of the project, Dolph Lundgren replies: "that movie never happened for various reasons"

October 2004

The movie is finally being filmed, without Dolph Lundgren by the same director (Steven R. Monroe), with a much smaller budget ($1,2 million).

"- Stephen J. Cannell, who’s been responsible for some of the greatest TV Series to ever call Vancouver home—from 21 Jump Street to Wiseguy to The Commish, returns to town with his latest feature film It Waits. Cannell is set to Executive Produce with Steven R. Monroe (House of 9) directing from a script by Richard Christian Matheson and Thomas Szollosi. Filming is set for October 14th thru November 5th, 2004 at Lions Gate Film Studios in North Vancouver.


Back in Early 2003, Dolph Lundgren (Masters of the Universe, Universal Soldier) was cast as “Mike,” the lead in the film, and shooting was set to take place in Liverpool that summer on a budget of $6 million dollars…but it never happened. So now the production is back AND we can confirm that Lundgren is no longer attached to star." fom Holywood North Report


BAUER MARTINEZ STUDIOS presents a UKFS production
in co-production with LUCKY UKFS and FRAMEWERK in association with
directed by STEVEN R. MONROE


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