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February 2007: On his official message board, Dolph says: "I’d love to have another go at Mr Van Damme. However, I haven’t heard of that picture."

March 2004: Dolph says on his official site "No, there will be no "Street fighter 2" for me."

July 8, 2003: According to his agent's office, the rumor of Dolph Lundgren in Street Fighter 2 is not true.

May 2003: Rumor is that Dolph announced on Sport channel ESPN that he will re-team with Van Damme in the sequel of the '90s videogame Street Fighter 2. Still can't believe it.

"05.19.2003 - (RoboGuy) So much for retirement! Dolph Lundgren is returning to movies. He was on ESPN and told them he'll be doing Street Fighter 2 with Jean-Claude Van Damme. This marks his second teaming with Van Damme after Universal Soldier." from

"In brief: Lundgren muscles back in
Tuesday May 20, 2003
Return of the brawn: Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren, has answered the prayers of movie fans everywhere by revealing that he is not retiring after all. Furthermore the steel-jawed Swedish action star, who declared his withdrawal from film acting last year, has compounded the joy of celluloid thrillseekers by announcing that he is all set to star in Street Fighter 2 with Jean-Claude Van Damme. It will be his second outing with the muscles from Brussels following 1992's Universal Soldier."
from Guardian Unlimited


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