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The Punisher

plot summary

Frank Castle (DOLPH LUNDGREN) is THE PUNISHER. Ex-cop turned vigilante, Castle has spent five years wreaking bloody revenge on the city's Mafia's kingpins for the murder of his family.

Lt Jake Berkowitz has spent just as long trying to track him down.

Now there is a new enemy to be punished. In a deadly crusade of brutality and terror, Japan's Mafia crime lords are seeking total supremacy on the city's streets. And only THE PUNISHER can stop them...

Hard-hitting and explosive, THE PUNISHER is the powerful story of one man's relentless quest for justice and ultimate retribution. If you're guilty, you're dead...

Mark Goldblatt Director
Dolph Lundgren Frank Castle (the Punisher)
Louis Gossett Jr. Jake Berkowitz
Jeroen Krabbe Gianni Franco
Kim Miyori Lady Tanaka
Bryan Marshall Dino Moretti

genre Action
rating R
production co(s) New World Pictures
budget $9-11 million (US)
location(s) Sidney, Australia

memorable lines

(Jake) What the hell do you call 125 murders in 5 years?
(Punisher) Work in progress.

(while interrogating a bad guy strung out on a rack)
(Punisher) I don't want to stretch this out, but...

interesting fact

- "The Punisher" has been released worldwide theatrically, except in the U.S. and Sweden.

- It finally did have a US theatrical premiere on October 18, 2008 at the Escapism Film Festival, Durham (NC) where Mark Goldblatt brought his own 35mm print (Unrated uncut version)

webmaster's opinion
Although it's true that this movie is not a faithful adaptation of the (superb) comic book, "The Punisher" is a solid movie in its own right. Easily the Dolph-movie with the most action and the most killing, the story is wrapped up in a very stylish-ly done feature, and Dolph does a great job as The Punisher. Some people have critiqued his acting in this movie, saying "he's too wooden," but anyone who has read the comic book knows that The Punisher shows absolutely no emotion - he punishes the guilty with no remorse whatsoever. Dolph was perfectly cast for this role as a super bad-ass tough guy and his portrayal makes for a truely kick-ass action flick...

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 NEW WORLD PICTURES (AUSTRALIA) in association with MACE NEUFELD and SIMON HEATH presents a ROBERT MARK KAMEN production of a MARK GOLDBLATT film DOLPH LUNDGREN LOUIS GOSSETT, JR. "THE PUNISHER" starring JEROEN KRABBE KIM MIYORI music by DENNIS DREITH production designer NORMA MORICEAU director of photography IAN BAKER edited by TIM WELLBURN executive producer ROBERT GURALNICK written by BOAZ YAKIN based on the MARVEL COMICS character co-producer SU ARMSTRONG produced by ROBERT MARK KAMEN directed by MARK GOLDBLATT

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