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Composed by Dennis Dreith, the Soundtrack To Be Released For the First Time on CD

(November 4, 2005- Los Angeles, CA) – Perseverance Records is pleased to announce the first-ever release of the long-awaited, much asked for soundtrack for THE PUNISHER. The film was an adaptation of a Marvel Comics character and starred Dolph Lundgren in the title role. The CD, which contains music composed by Dennis Dreith, will be in stores on November 15.

“If society won’t punish the guilty, he will”.

In 1989, New World Pictures took a gamble on a new comic book hero. The Punisher debuted as a character in an issue of Spiderman in 1974. Eventually, Marvel Comics would create a comic book line all its own in the 1980s. New World Pictures, seeing how DC Comics characters had fared on-screen with their comic-turned movie projects, bought the rights to and began production on a film version of THE PUNISHER, with Dolph Lundgren (ROCKY IV, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE) cast in the title role and Louis Gossett Jr. (AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN) as his ex-partner on the force. Unfortunately, New World went bankrupt soon after the film was completed, and as a result it never received a theatrical release in the U.S. It was subsequently released in America on video in 1991 and DVD in 1999, and has achieved cult status since then.

Now, some fifteen years after audiences were first introduced to Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, the soundtrack recording will finally be released! Composer Dennis Dreith worked closely with director Mark Goldblatt to create a rhythmically propulsive backdrop to the film’s exciting action. After a lengthy mission to track down the master tapes, and necessary restorative work on the masters, it finally debuts on CD, with extensive liner notes and an exclusive audio interview with both Dreith and Goldblatt.

“Resurrecting the score from the original safety masters was most gratifying. It's really great to hear the score again after all these years in it's full glory, especially since the only copy previously available was the mono home video release. Now with the release of the CD, the score can finally be heard the way we intended it,” says Dreith. “I owe a debt of gratitude to Robin Esterhammer and Perseverance Records for bringing this score back to life. Connecting again with Mark Goldblatt to do the audio interview on this collectors CD was a real added treat."

On Perseverance Records, THE PUNISHER Original Motion Picture Score, composed by Dennis Dreith, will be released on November 15, 2005.

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