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Direct Action

plot summary

DIRECT ACTION is a suspense action drama that follows a day in the life of a police sergeant on the Direct Action Unit who must come to terms with fighting crime not only on the streets, but also within his department. Who do you trust and where do you turn when your life is in danger and your colleagues are the cause?

Fifteen years on the force, police Sergeant Frank Gannon (Dolph Lundgren) spent the last three years on the Direct Action Unit (DAU) task force, fighting gang crime and corruption. With the highest arrest record in the department, two Medals of Valor, the youngest officer ever to make detective, and the son of a cop himself, Gannon does everything with integrity.

Although the Direct Action Unit appears to have been the saving force in city over the past few years - fighting against theft, larceny, conspiracy, extortion and murder - evidence is coming to light that some members of the DAU were up to much more than keeping the city streets safe. The Direct Action Unit task force has been under intense federal investigation for 8 months on suspicions of stealing drugs and money, the jailing of innocent people, and possibly murder. At the end of his shift on this day, Gannon is to testify at a federal grand jury about the DAU, which is making his bosses extremely nervous.

That morning, Gannon is suddenly partnered with detective trainee Billie Ross, and is asked to show her the ropes. With little experience on the streets Ross is thrilled to start her two-week detective training period with the legendary Gannon. This not good news for Gannon, as Ross is hardly the experienced back up he needs on the toughest day of his career.
- from GFT Entertainment

Sidney J. Furie Director
Dolph Lundgren Frank Gannon
Polly Shannon Billie Ross
Donald Burda Bryant
Rothaford Gray Ed Grimes
Conrad Dunn Captain Stone

genre Action
rating R for violence and language
production co(s) GFT Entertainment (GFT Action Films Inc) / Nu Image
budget $5-8 million (US)
location(s) Hamilton, ON (Canada)

interesting facts

- Dolph Lundgren would have had a lot of input on the making of this movie, almost co-directing alongside Sidney Furie.

- "Direct Action" has been released theatrically in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

webmaster's opinion

"Direct Action" is well worthy of its name: gunfightings and hard-core hand fights are playing all along one of the most violent films that Dolph has made in recent years (it kind of reminds me of the early Seagal's movies). The story is less phony and more suspenseful than "Detention", and the chemistry between Dolph Lundgren and Polly Shannon works wonderfully. Just don't pay attention to details or the low budget and just go in for the action to enjoy it...

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Behind the scenes

 NU IMAGE presents a GFT ENTERTAINMENT production of a SIDNEY J. FURIE film DOLPH LUNDGREN "DIRECT ACTION" POLLY SHANNON DONALD BURDA ROTHAFORD GRAY CONRAD DUNN WALTER ALZA ALEX KARZIS casting director MARJORIE LECKER, C.D.C. music by ADAM NORDEN costume designer EMILY CADE edited by SAUL PINCUS and NICK ROTUNDO art director ABBIE WEINBERG director of photography CURTIS J. PETERSEN, C.S.C. executive producer AVI LERNER associate producers PAUL JENNISON SHANE CARDWELL co-producer LEWIN WEBB produced by GARY HOWSAM screenplay by GREG MELLOTT based on a story by SIDNEY J. FURIE directed by SIDNEY J. FURIE

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