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Masters Of The Universe

plot summary

A classic clash of titanic powers battling for ultimate supremacy, Masters of the Universe features a cast of characters familiar to us all. The battle for Castle Greyskull on the planet of Eternia, key to the control of the entire universe, is led by the hugely-muscled He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) with his companions Teela, her father Duncan, known as Man-At-Arms and wily dwarf and inventor Gwildor. Allied against them and determined to gain control of the war-torn planet is evil megalomaniac Skeletor with his henchmen Blade, Saurod, Beast Man, Karg and Evil-Lyn.

When He-Man and his followers are accidentally transported to earth by the mysterious Cosmic Key, they enlist the help of teenagers Julie and Kevin to try to return to Eternia. But with Skeletor hard on their trail and determined to thwart their plans, can He-Man overcome the powers of evil and save the Sorceress of Castle Greyskull?

Gary Goddard Director
Dolph Lundgren He-Man
Frank Langella Skeletor
Meg Foster Evil-Lyn
Jon Cypher Duncan (Man-at-Arms)
Courteney Cox Julie Winston

genre Sci-Fi / Action
rating PG
production co(s) Cannon Group / Edward R. Pressman Corp. / Golan-Globus
budget $22 million (US)
location(s) Culver City, California / Whittier, California / Vaquez Rock, California

interesting fact

"Masters of the Universe" won :

the Silver Scroll Award of Outsanding Achievement for Gary Goddard at the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films (also nominated for Best Science Fiction Film, Best Costumes and Best Special Effects)

the International Fantasy Film Award for Best Special Effects at the Fantasporto festival (also nominated for Best Film)

- The movie went over budget (and schedule) during production from 15-17 million to 22 million dollars.


webmaster's opinion
A classic Dolph movie - although not a commercial success (as the planned sequel never happened), the movie was Dolph's first lead starring role in a movie and he delivers a solid performance as He-Man. For all of you old 'Masters of the Universe' fans, the plot brings an intersting twist to the inhabitants of Eternia also...

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THE CANNON GROUP, INC. presents a GOLAN-GLOBUS production of a GARY GODDARD film DOLPH LUNDGREN FRANK LANGELLA "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" starring COURTENEY COX JAMES TOLKAN CHRISTINA PICKLES and MEG FOSTER as Evil-Lyn music by BILL CONTI costume designer JULIE WEISS film editor ANNE COATES, A.C.E. visual effects produced by RICHARD EDLUND production designer WILLIAM STOUT director of photography HANANIA BAER co-producer ELLIOT SCHICK executive producer EDWARD R. PRESSMAN written by DAVID ODELL produced by MENAHEM GOLAN and YORAM GLOBUS directed by GARY GODDARD

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