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A View to a Kill
a.k.a. "From a View to a Kill"

plot summary
A silicon chip is captured from the Soviets and found to be identical to a prototype British design capable of withstanding the intense electromagnetic radiation of a nuclear blast. The British suspect industrialist Max Zorin of leaking details of the design to the Russians. When James Bond is sent to investigate he finds that Zorin is stockpiling silicon chips and, mysteriously, drilling near the San Andreas fault.

John Glen Director
Roger Moore James Bond
Christopher Walken Max Zorin
Tanya Roberts Stacey Sutton
Grace Jones May Day
Dolph Lundgren Venz

genre Action / James Bond
rating PG
production co(s) United Artists / Danjaq Productions / Eon
budget $30 million (US)
location(s) England / France / USA / Iceland / Switzerland

interesting facts

Dolph only has a very brief role in this flick, so watch closely...

Dolph worked as an assistant stunt coordinator on this movie.

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