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Mike Anderson (DOLPH LUNDGREN), a tough American reporter on a dangerous foreign assignment, finds his own life in jeopardy when he uncovers a deadly labyrinth of political intrigue that threatens the lives of thousands in the action thriller COVER UP.

Despatched to investigate a mysterious and fatal attack on an overseas US naval base, Anderson, a leading investigative journalist and ex-US marine, finds himself back on familiar ground.

Instinct makes him question the official CIA explanation that cites an unknown terrorist group called Black October. Alone, and armed only with his combat training and determination to uncover the truth, he sets out to expose a complex and dangerous political web.

Anderson quickly discovers he can trust no-one. Renewing a fiery affair with his ex-Iover Susan Clifford, now the US Embassy press attachee, he soon finds himself confronting an old adversary, CIA boss Lou Jackson. And when his former marine colleague Colonel John Cooper is murdered moments after a secret rendezvous with him, Mike realises he holds the pieces to a deadly plot.

In a race against time, Anderson battles to save the lives of thousands of innocent people, in a desperate attempt to prevent a deadly plan to create an international disaster of catastrophic proportions.

Manny Coto Director
Dolph Lundgren Mike Anderson
Louis Gossett Jr. Lou Jackson
John Finn Jeff Cooper
Lisa Berkley Susan Clifford
Gil Ko Pel MP #1

genre Thriller
rating R for strong violence, and for language and sensuality
production co(s) Capitol Films / Electra Films Ltd. / Cover-Up Ltd. Partnership
budget $6 - 7.5 million (US)
location(s) Jerusalem / Tel-Aviv, Israel

interesting fact
"Cover-Up" has been released theatrically in Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Italy and Mexico among others.

webmaster's opinion
An interesting movie that shows a marked change of pace for Dolph. Save for the very end of the movie, there's no wham-bam action scenes, but instead the movie progresses as a dramatic thriller, with Dolph playing the role of a reporter. He has a lot of dialogue in the movie, so it's great to see him flex his acting abilities rather than his muscles. The story itself kind of drags at points, but watching Dolph wind through the web of intrigue found within the movie, as well as handle a non-tough-guy-role, is very intriguing.

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a JACOB KOTZKY/SHARON HAREL production DOLPH LUNDGREN LOUIS GOSSETT, JR. as Jackson "COVER-UP" JOHN FINN and introducing LISA BERKLEY as Susan director of photography DAVID GURFINKEL music BRUNO LOUCHOUARN stunt co-ordinator VIC ARMSTRONG executive in charge of production RONNA B. WALLACE executive producers BOB MISIOROWSKI and JANE BARCLAY written by BILL TANNEN produced by SHARON HAREL and JACOB KOTZKY directed by MANNY COTO  

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