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Into the Night with...

Ralph Herforth & Dolph Lundgren
a.k.a. "Durch die Nacht mit...", "Au coeur de la nuit..."
(Germany, 2006, TV)

plot summary

International action-superstar Dolph Lundgren returns to his hometown Stockholm with Ralph Herforth, a German actor specialised in playing seductive villains.

Lundgren appears in his best physical form as the two men warm up with a Karate session. In the course of the evening, however, the athlete turns out to be a sophisticated conversationalist with profound knowledge of the arts, history and politics.

Herforth counters the relaxed aplomb of his partner with disarming straightforwardness. The cordial approach of two testosterone bombs imparts an idea of what it means to be a man today.

The film shows Dolph Lundgren as you may not have seen him before - or as you might never see him again.

- from Avanti Media

Hasko Bauman Director
Ralph Herforth Himself
Dolph Lundgren Himself
Brian Fitkin Himself
Thomas Bernstrand Himself
Lloyd Payne Himself

genre Documentary
production co(s) Avanti Media, Arte, ZDF
budget N/A
location(s) Stockholm, Sweden

- "Into the night with..." is an award winning, 60-minute series produced for ZDF/ARTE since 2002. The series matches artists from different fields to spend an evening together in a city of their choice. The idea is to create a forum for artists to exchange ideas and also show them as real people. Various locations and surprises evoke spontaneous reactions and interactions between the artists, cameras that operate fly-on-the-wall-like add to the unusual high level of authenticity and realness. Into the night with has been awarded the Adolf Grimme Preis Spezial, Germany's most renowned TV-award. Among those who met on Into the Night with are John Carpenter, Franka Potente, Bryan Ferry, Bai Ling, Peaches, Julie Delpy, Stewart Copeland, Daniel Hope, Robert Wilson, Amira Casar, Benjamin Biolay, Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Frank Black (The Pixies), Mike Patton, Adam Green, Carl BarDJ Hell, Moritz Bleibtreu, Dolph Lundgren and many more. They met in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Stockholm, Istanbul and Zurich.

- Aired on ARTE in Germany and France on May 2, 2006, released on DVD by Zweitausendeins in March 2007

web links
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Avanti Media - official site (German)

Ralph Herforth - official site (German) - boxed-set info (bonus disc with Dolph's extras)

buy the DVD (in English, only the director's audio commentary is in German)

Zweitausendeins - Region 2 DVD


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