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May 30, 2012
- Dolph is filming "Legendary: Tom Of The Dragon" with Scott Adkins in Beijing, China and will go to Singapore next week to start "Battle Of the Damned"
- "One in the Chamber" comes out on Blu-ray & DVD August 15 in Australia, 21st in France, 27th in the UK and 31st in Germany! Added links to pre-order!
- "Pentathlon" will be released on Blu-ray & DVD in the UK by Anchor Bay on July 30th! Added links to pre-order!
May 11, 2012
- "Stash House" comes out today in selected US theaters and VOD!
New stills added.
- added new stills and cover for "One in the Chamber" (out August 31 in Germany on Blu-ray/DVD)
- watch the new "Expendables 2" trailer if you haven't already
- check out the exclusive video greeting from Dolph that I shot on the set of "The Expendables 2" for his Facebook page!
April 27, 2012
- Check out the new 'Dirty Dozen' EXPENDABLES 2 character posters!
April 20, 2012
- The "Stash House" trailer is out, check it out!
- Director Gary Goddard and Roger Lay Jr. ("Toy Masters", "The Making of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Futures") are teaming up again for a documentary on the making of "Masters Of The Universe".
Check out this exclusive 11 minutes sneak preview!
And read about the 25th Anniversary re-release fiasco with Warner Home Video on
April 4, 2012
- "Stash House" (rated R) opens theatrically in the US on May 11! (added new pics and official website)
- The US release of "Red Scorpion" on Blu-ray/DVD (all region) will be June 12! (pre-order)
Ultimate edition packed with extras! Including liner notes written by yours truly!
• All-New 2K High-Definition Digital Restoration of the Uncensored Version
• All-New DTS-HD MA 5.1 Soundtrack Mixed Specifically for This Release
• Audio Commentary with Director Joseph Zito and Mondo Digital's Nathaniel Thompson
• ASSIGNMENT: AFRICA – Video Interview with Producer Jack Abramoff
• SCORPION TALES – Video Interview with Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Savini
• Rare Original On-Set Behind-the-Scenes Video Footage
• Animated Still Gallery
• Liner Notes on the Making of RED SCORPION by Jérémie Damoiseau (yours truly)
• Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots
• Reversible Cover Design
- "The Expendables 2" will be rated R!
- "Small Apartments" premiered at the SXSW film festival on March 11 (release date yet to be announced)!
- Dolph will start filming "Repeater" with Michael Jai White on April 6 in Mexico
- Director Gary Goddard unveiled never-seen preliminary design work for "Masters of the Universe" by the late Ralph McQuarrie ("Star Wars") on his blog!
December 21, 2011
- In case you haven't done it yet, check out the first teaser trailer and poster for "The Expendables 2" on the official website!
Filming is on hiatus since it wrapped in Bulgaria and will resume for about a week or two in China mid-January.
Everything (news, links, pics and videos) about the movie can be found on the forum.
For now Dolph is enjoying a well deserved Christmas break in Thailand. After filming "The Expendables 2" is completely done, he shall start working on "The Package" with Steve Austin around the end of February or March. After that he has another very exciting project to be shot in the spring in the pipeline, stay tuned for details!
- check out the video and photos of Dolph's demo at the World Karate (Shinkyokushin) Championships (last October in Tokyo)!
- here are scans from the 5 pages Dolph interview in Entertainment Weekly!
- The UK and US releases of "Red Scorpion" (uncut) on Blu-ray will be amazing and packed with extras!
Check out the details for the UK release by Arrow Video (Feb 6)! The US Synapse edition (BR/DVD combo) will be announced soon (with more extras, a different commentary and booklet liner notes by yours truly)! Both editions are not to be missed!
- The shooting script of the first "Expendables" can be read here! It has even more than Sly's Director's Cut, and some of it may or may not have been filmed since Sly was making changes daily...
October 29, 2011
- Our sincere condolences to friends and family of the stuntman gave his life while filming "The Expendables 2". R.I.P.
- "In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds" has been rated "R for some violence".
Added the cover.
It will be released in the US on December 27th by Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment with the following special features:
* * Behind the Scenes of In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds
* * From Page to Screen: Writing In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds
* * Director's Commentary
* * Writer's Commentary
- UK distributor Arrow Video announced the Blu-ray release of "Red Scorpion" in its January lineup and unveiled an awesome cover artwork designed by Tom Hodge who did the poster of "Hobo with a shotgun"
October 23, 2011
- Today Dolph performed at the 10th World Kyokushin Karate Championships in Tokyo - photos and video hopefully coming soon
- added screen captures for "The Inquiry" (deleted scenes from the extended cut here), "Diamond Dogs", "Missionary Man", and "Direct Contact" and captures for their making of
- added photo gallery and screenshots for the 2006 TV show "Into the Night with" / "Durch die Nacht mit"
October 13, 2011
- The Extended Director's Cut of "The Expendables" (how Sly meant it meant to be seen) will be out December 13th in the US on Blu-ray!
Check out the cover and main title sequence (possible spoiler)
October 12, 2011
- Added the first "Expendables 2" pics from the set with Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Statham and Chuck Norris!
Plus a French teaser
- added set pics from "One in The Chamber"
- The complete "Chuck" season 4 (with Dolph's guest starring episode premiere) is now available on Blu-ray/DVD in the US and the UK
October 6, 2011
- "In The Name of The King 2" will be released in Canada on December 27th 2011 (special features include audio commentaries, behind the scenes, interviews, trailer), added cover and link to pre-order
- in case you haven't noticed, "The Expendables 2" has started filming in and around Sofia, Bulgaria
- added pics from the sets of "Stash House" and "Universal Soldier: A New Dimension"
October 4, 2011
- Check out the French trailer and cover for "In The Name of The King 2"!
September 27, 2011
- Check out Dolph's first pic as Gunner Jensen for "The Expendables 2" during his wardrobe fitting session!
September 26, 2011
- Finally, Dolph's BRAND NEW OFFCIAL FACEBOOK PAGE is launched! Sign in and "like" it at
- added stills from "In The Name of The King 2"
September 18, 2011
- "The Expendables 2" is on the way!
Jean-Claude Van Damme (to fight Stallone) and Chuck Norris are confirmed (by Sly) to join (Arnold and Bruce Willis will also have substantial roles) with also possibly Nicolas Cage and maybe John Travolta...
Filming is beginning this week (23rd) in Bulgaria and Dolph has tried his costume, ready to look badass!
- Added official synopsis for "In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds"
August 22, 2011
- Check out our "FIT FOREVER" review
August 2, 2011
- Dolph's book "FIT FOREVER" is published in Sweden August 10! Check out the trailer and order it here! (worldwide release coming to follow 2012)
- "The Expendables 2" will co-star John Travolta and Chucks Norris according to David Varod (Nu Image executive producer and CEO of their Sofia-based studios Nu Boyana) in an interview to Filming is to start in September/October in Bulgaria.
- Dolph has wrapped his role alongside Cuba Gooding Jr in "One In The Chamber", principal photography is wrapping this week. Read the EXCLUSIVE SET REPORT from Darling and Krom!
- Don't miss "Shark Hangover", Dolph's comedy skit video for Funny or Die & Discovery Channel's Shark Week !
- Listen to Dolph's interview by on Youtube!
- check out DL's Facebook and Twitter for more frequent updates!
June 15, 2011
- Simon West will direct "The Expendables 2", reports Deadline.
- Dolph wrapped his roles of "Stash House" and "Universal Soldier: A New Dimension". Next is "One In The Chamber" starting shooting July 7.
May 23, 2011
- Scott Adkins said on Twitter: "Rehearsing with Dolph yesterday, great guy and very good with choreography. Looking forward to fighting with the best Punisher!"!
- In The Name Of The King 2's full title is "In The Name Of The King: Two Worlds". Composer Jessica de Rooij finished the score. The movie must be almost completed and ready for delivery and release.
May 11, 2011
- Added teaser artwork from Cannes for "The Expendables 2"!
May 9, 2011
- Principal photography is starting today on both "Stash House" (also starring Briana Evigan and Sean Faris) and "Universal Soldier: A New Dimension" (which Dolph will join later)!
May 2, 2011
- Before "Universal Soldier IV", Dolph will have a role in the home invasion horror thriller "Stash House", produced by Joel Silver's Dark Castle Entertainment and Courtney Solomon's After Dark Films! Filming starts May 9th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
- Added "In The Name Of The King 2" behind the scenes pics
April 30, 2011
- It's a wrap on "Small Apartments" which is aimed to be submitted at the Sundance festival!
Writer Chris Millis tells 'Dolph-ultimate': "Dolph was terrific as the ubiquitous TV mental guru, Dr. Sage Mennox. I think he just might have some new opportunities doing comedy. He was very funny in his scenes. And overall, the film looks amazing. Everyone came in and really nailed their roles. I'm very excited about what the future holds for "Small Apts.".
April 26, 2011
- Scott Adkins announced he's in "Universal Soldier: A New Dimension"! Filming starts May 9 in Louisiana.
April 23, 2011
- Billy Crystal, Juno Temple, Saffron Burrows, David Keochner, David Warshowsky and Amanda Plummer join the cast of "Small Apartments", the indie dark comedy that Dolph is currently filming with director Jonas Åkerlund!
April 21, 2011
- Dolph's fitness book: title and cover revealed! "Fit Forever" will be published in Sweden by Bonnier Fakta this August! (Worldwide rights in negotiations, international releases to come later) Check out the cover and pre-order it here!
March 30, 2011
- Dolph's schedule is packed! After "Small Apartments" and "Universal Soldier: A New Dimension", before "The Expendables II", Dolph will make a movie with Cuba Gooding Jr in May/June entitled "One In The Chamber", and one with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin called "The Package".
March 24, 2011
- Dolph just started filming his first role in the indie comedy "Small Apartments" co-starring Matt Lucas, James Caan, Johnny Knoxville and Peter Stormare! "Small Apartments" is based on the novel by Chris Millis and directed by acclaimed music video director Jonas Åkerlund.
Will catch up on the news of the past months!
December 10, 2010
- 3 million units of "The Expendables" DVD/Blu-ray/downloads have been sold in it's first week of release in North America!
- New Dolph interviews: YouTube
- added covers for the upmcoming Japanese releases of "Command Performance" (March 9) and "Icarus" (February 2)
November 29, 2010
- Dolph is in Vancouver getting ready to shoot Uwe Boll's "In The Name Of The King 2", in which he notably has a Philippines knife fight. Stay tuned...
- Dolph started using Twitter!
- Dolph's fitness book should be released next summer!
- Dolph was in London for the promotion of "The Expendables" DVD/Blu-ray release:
he was a guest of an exclusive public Q&A at the "Evening with Dolph Lundgren" hosted at the London Film Museum
he opened the LA fitness gym "Guns Workout" for a Kyokushin Karate session and upper-body workout / check out the Men's Fitness vdeo special
he answered fan questions in a live chat hosted by Empire Magazine (where he mentioned "The Expendables 2" and a possible project wth Bruce Willis!
he gave several interviews on radio shows, online sites and British TV
- Added "Expendables" DVD/Blu-ray covers and a page for the "Inferno" 90 mins documentary about the making of the film
- Added a couple of pics from "Direct Contact", "The Shooter" (Hidden Assassin) and "Masters Of The Universe
- For all the new videos check the Dolph Ultimate channel on YouTube and our forum!
November 3, 2010
- Happy Birthday Dolph Lundgren!!!
- check out this fantastic in-depth interview by Hikari Katano!
- added some official "Chuck" stills
- Dolph is apparently set to star in Uwe Boll's "In The Name Of The King 2", to be filmed in Vancouver this winter
- Lundgren was recently visiting the Swedish town of Kramfors to give out personally the second "Dolph Lundgren Scholarship" and he will host the 2010 World MMA Awards on December 1st in Las Vegas
October 6, 2010
- Having grossed $102 million domestically (almost $250 million worldwide and counting), "The Expendables" will be out on Blu-ray (3-disc combo) and DVD on November 23rd in the US! Available to pre-order on Amazon!
Both the Blu-ray Combo Pack and standard DVD will be loaded with extras created in collaboration with Stallone, including making-of access, a deleted scene and gag reel, an audio commentary with Sly and more. The Combo Pack also includes three exclusive features: "Inferno," a feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary that provides a unique perspective on the filmmaking process from Stallone's distinctive point of view; "Comic Con 2010," featuring the entire Expendables panel (Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews and Steve Austin) from their visit to this year's San Diego Comic Con; and "Ultimate Recon Mode," where Stallone and the other Expendables provide a multi-layered, all-access look at the making of the film as it runs.
The suggested retail price for the Blu-ray Combo Pack will be $39.99 and $29.95 for the DVD. Here's a full rundown of the currently planned extras:

-- "The Expendables: Ultimate Recon Mode" in-movie BonusView
-- "Comic Con 2010 Panel"
-- Audio Commentary with Sylvester Stallone
-- "Inferno" feature-length "making of" documentary
-- "From the Ashes" Post Production documentary
-- Deleted Scene
-- Gag Reel
-- Marketing Archive including Trailers and TV spots
-- Metamenu Remote and BD Touch enabled
-- D-BOX Motion Control Enabled
-- Standard Definition DVD Copy of the feature film
-- Standard Definition Digital Copy of the feature film
-- Audio Commentary with Sylvester Stallone
-- "Before the Battle" featurette
-- Deleted Scene
-- Gag Reel
-- Marketing Archive including Trailers and TV spots
September 10, 2010
- "The Killing Machine" (a.ka. "Icarus") is released THEATRICALLY in Los Angeles today at Laemmle's Sunset 5! Go see it if you're in the area!
- Watch these two new Norton Antivirus commercials with Dolph vs. a unicorn!
- New photo shoot with German photographer Manfred Baumann
- New posters and covers for "Universal Soldier 3" and "Icarus" added
- And don't forget to catch "Chuck"'s season 4 premiere episode with Dolph on NBC September 20!
August 27, 2010
- Follow Dolph on Twitter!
- "The Expendables" dominates the Box-Office with over $120 million worldwide in two weeks!
- 10,000 visits (and counting) on since August 1st, this the highest since 2004!
- T-shirts contest winners are Romain, southpawoutlaw1 and steelsheen. They'll receive their prize shortly, congratulations!
August 20, 2010
- The new official site is launched at
- Don't miss the 90 minutes documentary "Inferno: The Making of The Expendables", directed by John Herzfeld, to be released August 21, 2010 on Epix!
- Dolph rang the New York Stock Exchange bell with Sylvester Stallone, Jason Satham and Terry Crews to celebrate the success of "The Expendables" grossed $45,661,784 so far domestically and opened No.1 in numerous countries including France)
- watch Dolph in "Jimmy and The Expendables Solve problems"!
- Barney Ross, Lee Christmas and Ying Yang are coming soon as 1/6 scale figures from Hot Toys
- 'The Expendables' Arsenal: A Weapon-By-Weapon Guide: Weapons supervisor Kent Johnson leads us through the biggest, baddest arms from the action hit.
- Buy the exact handmade copy of the custom Bowie knife used by Dolph Lundgren as "Gunner Jensen" in "The Expendables" from Hibben Knives and cheapper replica
- added new stills, behind the scenes pics and posters
- updated TV appearances

August 17, 2010
- Dolph-ultimate EXCLUSIVE contest!
As promised we have a few EXCLUSIVE EXPENDABLES T-shirts by POLICE to make you win!
Answer the following question and email it to dolph.ultimate at with your name and address to have the chance to win one of those collector prizes!
Which one of these Dolph Lundgren movies was the most successful?
1. Masters of the Universe
2. Johnny Mnemonic
3. Universal Soldier
4. Showdown In Little Tokyo
5. I Come In Peace / Dark Angel
- "The Expendables" smashes the Box Office grossing $35 Million domestic on opening week-end!
August 10, 2010
- "The Expendables" is all around and kicks off its worldwide release in 2 days!!! After Paris, Berlin and Kiev, Dolph was with Stallone and Jason Statham at the London premiere yesterday and is flying back for the Las Vegas premiere tomorrow (11th)!
- Check out all his latest interviews, all the latest "Expendables" news and pics from the red carpet and all the videos on our YouTube channel
- The "Expendables" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out today on iTunes and Amazon
August 5, 2010
- "The Expendables" Paris premiere is tonight!
- "The Expendables" are all over the internet, and soon worldwide theaters soon! Red carpet, reviews and interview links coming...!
- We're gonnna have some exclusive "Expendables" t-shirts (from Police brand) to win on Dolph-ultimate soon!!! Thanks to
August 3, 2010
- See Dolph, Sly and the gang walk the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of "The Expendables" live tonight at 6pm Pacific Time on MySpace!
July 19, 2010
- "Icarus" will be release in the US on October 19 under the title "The Killing Machine"! Pre-order
- Check Dolph's UK interviews on "Breakfast", "Loose Women" and "Absolute Radio"!
- Added "The Expendables" soundtrack page with track listing
July 17, 2010
- According to producer Josh Schwartz, Dolph will be make a guest appearance as a bad guy in the seasson 4 premiere (September 20) of NBC's TV series "Chuck"!
- I've been contacted directly by the New Media Coordinator at Maple Pictures (the Canadian arm of Lionsgate Films).They are currently asking you fans to submit your questions to Dolph Lundgren for an exclusive video interview they're doing for their social sites.You are able to submit your question through their Facebook page under the Expendables tab!
- While the "Expendables" Paris premiere will take place on August 5 (buy tickets here), the London premiere will be held at Leicester Square on August 9!And US residents can WIN TICKETS TO THE LAST VEGAS PREMIERE through MySpace!Expected attendees are Stallone, Statham and Dolph at least!
- The "Expendables" soundtrack will be out August 10 exclusively by Digital Download on iTunes, Amazon etc. Listen to preview and pre-order it!
- Check out the awesome behind the scenes featurettes commented by Stallone himself and the new TV spots from the UK!
- Added "Expendables" posters
- More news and updates on the forum!
June 28, 2010
- Added the UK poster quad from "The Expendables" (which premieres August 3 in Los Angeles at the Graumann's Chinese Theater)
- Dolph makes the French Impact magazine cover for "The Expendables" upcoming special issue!
- "Command Performance" will be screened at the Astana International Action Film Festival (in Kazakhstan)in on June 30th.
- Director of photography Marc Windon unveiled an "Icarus" promo trailer as he wanted it to look originally (before the movie was re-edited)
- The UK release for "Command Performance" has been pushed forward to July 5th and will include a limited edition "Expendables" offer
June 22, 2010
- Added new Dolph stills from "The Expendables"
- Added promo pics and from the set of "The Shooter"/ "Hidden Assassin"
June 11, 2010
- "The Expendables" is rated R for "strong action and bloody violence throughout and some language".
June 4, 2010
- IGN released the "Expendables" teaser trailer currently running in UK theaters, Joblo unveiled the final one-sheet poster! and here is a gallery with lots of new stills!
May 29, 2010
- "Command Performance" will finally be released in the UK on August 2!
May 27, 2010
- Today AICN brings us an "Expendables" TV spot to be aired during the UFC 114 Rampage vs. Evans fight this Saturday (May 29th at 10pm ET/7pm PT on PPV Live)!
And the official site gets revamped with wallpapers, infos etc!
May 26, 2010
- Check out the new Bad-ass "Expendables" still featuring Dolph between Jet Li and Sly! (thanks to Joblo)
May 13, 2010
- Producer Mark Damon and his company Foresight Unlimited are pre-selling a possible "Universal Soldier IV" in 3D, capitalizing on the return of director John Hyams, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Tentative date for filming is October 2010. Not sure it's signed yet but to be confirmed. UPDATE: John Hyams is currently writing the screenplay.
May 11, 2010
- The complete score from "Rocky IV" by (Vince DiCola) is finally released thanks to Intrada. Order it here!!
May 9, 2010
- "Icarus" is coming in the UK on August 16 (through Anchor Bay Entertainment) under the title "The Killing Machine"! (Added link to pre-order).
May 3, 2010
- first Dolph official stills (one with Sly on the set) and Japanese website from "The Expendables"! (+link to buy the comic book prequel)
- check out the poster and new website for the Japanese theatrical release of "Universal Soldier 3"! (Also added new stills)
- updated press interviews
- updated soundtracks infos, added "Red Scorpion" LP cover (front and back), "A View To A Kill", where to buy them etc
- added behind the scenes pics from "The Inquiry"
- added behind the scenes pics from "Masters Of The Universe"
April 9, 2010
- updated infos about the upcoming project "Skin Trade"! (from the Cannes market line-up)
- added new "Universal Soldier 3" stills
- Special Dolph Lundgren appearance at the L.A. Comic Book Sci-fi Convention on May 2, 2010! (Q&A+screenings)
Read press release here.
March 31, 2010
- The first official "Expendables" trailer is here!!!
- "Universal Soldier: Regeneration" gets theatrical release in Japan on June 26! Check out new stills. Website coming soon.
- Read the exclusive "Dolph-Ultimate" review for "Icarus" and check out the new covers!
March 26, 2010
- Check out the new "Icarus" official trailer, read our exclusive review and the French cover!
The French Blu-ray/DVD release is set for May 6 for rental and June 1 for retail
March 19, 2010
- "The Expendables" has a new one-sheet poster and an official website!!
The first official trailer (report here) has just been revealed at the Showest movie convention (as well as a Stallone standee) and should be made public VERY SOON!
March 13, 2010
- The "Melodifestivalen" finale is tonight! Tune in on for another explosive Dolph show and special appearance by non other than Mr. Sylvester Stallone!
Watch preview videos and interviews here!
March 11, 2010
- Added new posters and covers for "Icarus" and "The Expendables"
- Dolph Lundgren stole the show at the Melodifestivalen!
His singing, dancing, drumming and ice breaking performance of Elvis's "Little Less Conversation" not only made him the new Swedish national cultural icon but made a huge buzz internationally with hundreds of thousands views on YouTube in only a couple of days! If you haven't seen it yet, WATCH IT NOW!
Ice breaking (tameshiwari) preparation: behind the scenes
- Interviews
"Filmmys med Dolph"
"Gomorron Sverige" (part 1)
"Gomorron Sverige" (part 2)
Dolph segment
Interviews about "Universal Soldier: Regeneration"
SciFiTalk (podcast)
- In addition, you can watch comedy skits that Dolph filmed for the Melodifestivalen shows that he's not hosting. Again it's Dolph like you've never seen him before!
"Kall Som Is" (part 1)
"För Kung Och Fosterland" ( part 2)
- The "Icarus" German DVD/Blu-ray release has been pushed back to March 30th for rental and April 29th for retail. This edition will be uncut. Read the review from director Hasko Baumann ("Durch die Nacht mit" Dolph Lundgren)
- Dolph won a Wii boxing rematch against Carl Weathers in the Jace Hall Show!
Outtake (about "The Expendables")
- Misc. updates
February 2, 2010
- "Universal Soldier: Regeneration" (Unisol 3) is out on Region 1 DVD & Blu-ray!
Added some theatrical posters (Israel, Singapore, Malaysia) and new stills
- "Icarus" has been rated R for "strong bloody violence, language and some sexuality" and will premiere February 9 in Canada on Movie Central!
The first DVD /Blu-ray release will be in Germany on March 10th (rental) and March 25th (retail). (pre-order)
Check out the extended trailer! and the new cover artworks from Germany!
- "The Expendables" release date seems to have been pushed to August 13th. Added a detailed synopsis.
- Dolph should next direct, produce and star in "Skin Trade" (a thriller in the vein of "Black Rain" set between New York and Moscow) while his western project, "Wanted Man", is in rewrite.
Among other projects, Dolph also has a pilot for a TV series like "Magnum PI" in development.
November 24, 2009
- "Universal Soldier: Regeneration" (Unisol 3) is coming out February 2, 2010 in the US (press release)
Blu-ray & DVD special features include a Dolph Lundgren & John Hyams audio commentary and a behind the scenes featurette!
Check out the trailer and artwork!
- Score, final mix and visual effects have been completed for "Icarus"
Check out the new poster artwork shown at the AFM (American Film Market)
- Dolph would be in talks with Nu Image/Millennium to get a part in their new "Conan" project to be directed by Marcus Nispel ("Pathfinder", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre").
Read MTV exclusive here.
- Dolph will host "Melodifestivalen", the Swedish selection contest for Eurovision 2010
Press release  |  Press conference  |  Talk show interview
- Dolph did some awesome promo on TV for "Command Performance":
"Red Eye" (Fox News)
"Up Close with Carrie Keagan" (NGTV)
"Attack of the Show" (G4)
show  |  bonus interview  |  photo gallery  |  article
"The Tonight Show" with Conan O'Brien" (NBC)
clip  |  article
- Dolph was a guest on the "Arrow in the Head"'s podcast, other cool interviews on Movieweb & Premium Hollywood
- Cool article from Quint on AICN reporting (with lots of pics) from his day with Dolph visiting the Fort Hood base. Dolph has since expressed his condolences after the Fort Hood massacre that occured a few weeks later.
- Added the "Command Performance" German & French covers + new stills
October 30, 2009
Play the COMMAND PERFORMANCE Trivia Game, challenge your friends, & win!

COMMAND PERFORMANCE, comes out on DVD & Blu-ray in the USA on November 3rd.

Help spread the word and win a trip to L.A. for a private workout with Dolph!

How do you win? Easy — you just:
1. Watch the COMMAND PERFORMANCE trailer.
2. Play the Trivia Game and score as high as you can.
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The fan with the most points by December 3rd wins a private workout with Dolph. And there are cool 2nd- and 3rd-place prizes, too.
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2nd Prize: Signed COMMAND PERFORMANCE DVD (3 winners)
3rd Prize: Signed Dolph Lundgren Poster (5 winners)
- Read this kick-ass Dolph interview from!
October 27, 2009
- "Universal Soldier 3" is coming to DVD/ Blu-Ray in the US on January 5, 2010! Pre-order it now!
Check out the new pic
- "Command Performance" is to be released in France on December 1st and in Germany January 2010 (rental)
- First Look Studios has released "Command Performance" (out November 3!) clips introduced by Dolph himself on NGTV, Movieweb, Joblo/Arrow In The Head and Film School Rejects (spoilers!!)
- "The Expendables" promo reel has been unleashed!!
October 12, 2009
- PR for "Command Performance" has started!
Dolph visited army camp Fort Hood in Texas, met with soldiers and signed autographs, attended change of command ceremony, gave interviews and met with Blockbuster executives...
- Dolph endorses the final US trailer for "CP" on IGN
- added new "CP" pics
- Dolph attended a surprise screening of "Universal Soldier: A New Beginning" at the Fantastic Fest (Austin, Tx) and participated in a Q&A session available on YouTube (thanks to Andrei Arlovski)
Exclusive photos
Dolph Interview 1 (video)
Dolph Interview 2 (transcript)
First reviews
- Check out photos and watch the press conference from the Estepona festival where Dolph received an honorary award!
- Watch Dolph in two Silversands online casino ads he shot earlier this year (one after "UniSol 3", one after "The Expendables")!
- Keep up with all the Dolph news on the FORUM!
September 14, 2009
- "Expendables" promo footage shown at the Venice lm festival HERE!
- Dolph received an honorary award at the Estepona Fantasy and Horror film festival on September 12th! Pics here!
- Dolph recently made special appearance to give the first "Dolph Lundgren Scholarship" in his old high-school in Kramfors, Sweden ... i_kramfors ... nt=2.41564
- Added a few "Direct Contact" high-res stills
2/ Coming soon to Blu-ray (aside from "Command"):
October 5th in the UK
The Mechanik
November 3 (same date as CP and Dolph's birthday) in the US
Rocky IV, as part of the "Rocky The Undisputed Collection" boxset
Direct Action
August 25, 2009
- Pre-order "Command Performance" (Nov 3rd in US, Nov 25th in Sweden) on Amazon !
Special features on the DVD / Blu-ray will include interview and behind the scenes fight footage
- the first official "Command Performance" trailer is online (other new goodies on the CP site)
- Dolph will be honored at the X Semana Cine Fantastico Estepona
- new "Expendables" set pics
- new set of candid photoshoot pics on Facebook
July 25, 2009
- Dolph-ultimate brings you exclusive coverage from a visit on the set of "The Expendables" ! Read the report here!
July 19, 2009
- "Command Performance" is scheduled for DVD release on November 3, 2009 (Dolph's birthday!) in the US and was screened on July 18 at the Ischia Global Film & Music festival!
- New set reports, videos, posters and wallpapers on the "Command" website!
- Sign the fans petition to push "Command" for a theatrical release in Sweden!
- Give us your opinions on the new artworks!
- "Double Dolph" feature in July's issue of Impact magazine (UK) on "Direct Contact" and "Command Performance!
- new Dolph interview about "The Expendables" on UGO
June 20
- "Command Performance" is "Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, and language."