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It might be good to recall that, after the filming The Last Patrol, production and distribution company Silverline Pictures announced on their website Dolph was signed for a 22 (one hour) episodes series. The series was to be shot in Spain according to an executive. Indeed the picture look like a TV pilot in some ways, and the following synopsis shows that the story was to be more developed. Missing characters were apprently to appear also. Anyway, in the end the film was registered as a feature at the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) and we can also imagine Dolph wasn't too excited about starring in a TV series (after John Woo's Blackjack which didn't make it).

SUMMARY SYNOPSIS: Captain Nick PRESTON is a tall, ruggedly handsome Army Ranger Captain with special operations training and past experience in war. He is a maverick and finds himself decorated because he "broke the rules" and then is demoted because he "broke the rules" and landing up in the Mojave Desert at Fort Edenberg Marine Reserve as the penalty. His post becomes the "Mojave Island" of Central California after the 400 seconds 9.5 earthquake and is the last defensive boundary against possible threat but, he finds the threat is internal.
The four (4) leading characters each have a secret. Captain Preston has memory loss - does not want to let others know and doubt his leadership while he handles the responsibilities heaped on him to find food, fuel, fellow survivors and protect his little group from dangers; ration supplies and try not to lose his head when lower ranking officers do not follow orders; i.e.; Sarah McBride, Airforce Captain.

Angular, lean, beautiful, no-nonsense Captain SARAH McBRIDE (who has never seen war has a burning desire to find her pilot (Big Mike, aka; MICHAEL) that is missing from her unit. Michael should have landed at sixteen hundred hours after going through air maneuvers. He was in the air when the earthquake hit and he saw it all. But, where is he and why does Captain McBride care so much - enough to disobey orders from Preston? Preston is disturbed that he is disturbed.

Sergeant LUCKY SIMCOE the big, rollicking, Texas-tough Marine master mechanic extraordinaire has been thrown off base after base time after time because his wildcat, blond wife, CANDY Cannot stay in his bed.... she cannot help herself. She tantalizes, teases, flirts and carries through only to come back to him for forgiveness and win him back. He is strong in every other area of his life but with his unreliable wife that calls him "Daddy". She is the kind of woman that men love to be loved by and the kind of woman that women hate - a mismanaged beauty. Lucky is stationed at the Fort Edenberg Reserve upon Preston' arrival.

The Warden at the prison is actually "JESUS" (the madman scheduled for execution a the precise moment the earthquake hits). The execution is aborted. The prison overthrown and JESUS is the twisted mind running the prison under installations of "motivational therapy". It is clear there is zero tolerance for anything less than full attention to scriptures being read (with misquotes conveniently incorporated as it serves JESUS) over a loud speaker. The consequences are of not being happy in paradise (the prison) is to join the dead guards and half-alive prisoners hanging upside down on chains, curing for the dinner meat for the prisons. The prison still has meat 90 days after the earthquake but they need water and water is on the Marine Reserve Depot at Edenberg.
Because of rank, Preston is the appointed leader. McBride is anxious to reconnect with her unit after the earthquake but, Preston orders her to stay put and they will patrol West only for now. She is insistent that the direction to head is East and does not understand why Preston is hesitant to go for East. Later, she finds out there is no East. Only Ocean.

POPE, a beautifu1, young, 20 year old Native American man attending school and working the lemon orchards in each summer between classes and his wry, old Native American grandfather, COOKY straggles in days after the earthquake. COOKY can make even dog food (the only food left in supply because the Fort Edenberg was the canine stopover and training ground).

Periodically, Preston keeps getting flashes of memories or impressions of an old white bus with FREEDOM BAPTIST CHURCH on the side of the road in the desert loaded with black swarming around the back of a jacked up bus. There is a beautiful, black SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER - there are CHILDREN's voices singing gospel music. Preston becomes confused and wonders if it is a true memory or a dream. The Sunday School Teacher talked with Preston and he learns that her name is RAINBOW. She said she had a "vision" to take the child to the desert that day - really, it was compelled. Preston explains he had been compelled too. This recalled memory haunts Preston. He must find those children, teacher and the bus.

CANDY, in her effort to catch something new for dinner catches a man named JASPER, in an Airforce uniform. She proudly brings him home to show her husband. This instigates celebration but, something is wrong with the story Jasper gives Preston about how he acquired the uniform, etc. Suspicions arise. Jasper set eyes on Candy and forgot all instructions from Jesus that sent him from the prison to find water.

McBride has become obsessed with finding and rejoining with her unit. Continuous conflict happens with McBride wanting to leave and Preston instructing her to stay and that they will go West later. Meanwhile, the aftershocks are extremely strong 5.0 to 5.8. Finally. McBride disobeys orders and leaves on her horse to find her unit. Preston pursues her in the Humvee.

McBride heads stubbornly towards the East to reunite with her unit. Preston chases her down and ultimately saves McBride from sure death when she runs her horse to the edge of a wreckage of a bridge 300 feet over desert floor. When McBride stands trying to figure out what next, "Ash Devils" fueled by superheated volcanic ash approach representing great danger. She is forced to ride her horse to the dangerous bridge to avoid the "Ash Devils". She is dumbfounded when she realizes there is nothing what is after the missing span of bridge and realized that Preston knew all along. McBride turns on her horse and rides off still in on finding her unit.

MIRIAN and WILL are a young couple that straggled into the post after the earthquake. Less than 90 days later, they pack their suitcases and decide to leave the post to return to the Blue Mountains hoping there is a bridge to take them back home. Preston tries to dissuade them and show them that no one returns that leave but they are set upon leaving the desolate post and they leave. Preston is worried about Mirian living in the desert.

Lucky and Pope leave the post to dynamite at the wrecking yard to recover specific chemicals to develop the film with part of the answers about the earthquake.

Candy again does what Candy does and seduces Jasper and decides to run off with him her husband, Lucky is off dynamiting for chemicals to develop the film of the earthquake found in the downed missing airplane that Michael flew. This film will tell the story of what happened and maybe there will be a clue of which direction of the desert still exists and maybe which part of California. Lucky does not realize his wife has gone.

Preston has set out to find McBride who left on her horse in a buff and disobeying an order to find her unit and her pilot Michael.

Jasper steals a jeep to leave the post with Candy. Soon Candy gets more than she expected and she has concern that her good idea has turned bad when another vehicle crests on the horizon in fast pursuit, Something is wrong - Candy knows it but it is too late.

Preston catches up with McBride. They have to spend the night camping out. While they are, Preston sees a tiny fire burning in the distance and whispers "Survivors"...but, in the far distance it is young Miriam and Will burning the winnings they got in Vegas ($40,000) to stay warm in the desert night shivering.
Jesus - the madman leader who has overthrown the nearby prison and his companions track down Jasper and Candy and ultimately brutally kill Jasper by hanging him upside down on a cross and pin to his chest the scripture of "Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory". Jesus' group takes Candy prisoner.

In route back to the post, Preston and McBride see buzzards circling and decide to check out the possible fresh kill for the group food supply. Upon nearing, they are shocked to see Jasper dead and Candy's battered suitcase is strewn open, empty in the desert - the same suitcase that Candy packed only hours ago to leave her husband because she needed to see "Beauty" again.

When Preston scans the desert side, he founds the old white bus embedded in a dune blocking the road No one is there after closer inspection but, now he knows his memories were true.

Preston and McBride return to the post and let others know that Jasper is dead and Candy missing. Lucky acts like it is normal. He has experienced this before, Lucky is mainly upset that a good jeep was taken until he sees Candy's suitcase. He knows she would not leave it behind if she had a choice. He realizes the full scope of the picture and sets after Candy instructing his group to full the jeep reserve with gasoline.

The ill fitted team load for bear study the map and see the prison Big Rock is in close vicinity and realize Jasper's murder fits the profile and head out. Upon arrival and from a distance they set up a plan before Preston goes in that if he does not signal a flare to send in a missile (Big Sally) in a certain length of time.

Preston goes in the front door and is guided to the posing Warden - Jesus. He knows something is wrong because of Jesus' behavior and he sees out of his side vision the post's jeep in the parking lot He proceeds with the use under the pretense of bargaining his posts protection against the prisoners and the Warden's pursuit for water supply. After sometime of deliberation, the Warden finally invites Preston to dinner.

Preston is surprised to see the prisoners are eating meat and are still well supplied. Upon closer examination though, Preston realizes it is human meat when he is offered "white or dark meat" and makes no preference and Jesus interrupts him as a man of no prejudice.

For McBride and Lucky, the anxiety of waiting is almost unbearable. No signal come and McBride loads up with ammunition and decides to go in for closer examination when she sees "BIG MIKE's" helmet being kicked around for a soccer game on the prison grounds.

McBride breaks into the prison grounds only to find a basement full of men hanging upside down curing from chains. One of the men is alive and he begs for her to kill him. She finally does to get him out of his misery...her first kill.

Still no signal goes up - Lucky has '"Big Sally" loaded and it is time to send it in according orders from Preston. He can't do it. Pope offers to do it instead.

Jesus announces it is time for entertainment and Candy is brought in strapped to a chair wearing only her underwear. Jesus demands for Candy to sing and pitifully, she begins. Preston springs into action and grabs Jesus placing a knife at Jesus' throat.

Simon {the geologist) loves Jesus and offers a trade of Candy for Jesus. Preston says, "Not good enough". Simon then offers the pilot as well. Through the conversations that occur next, Preston realizes that Simon is knowledgeable of the earthquake and on1y Mike (in a coma) has the real answers about the extent of damage.

Pope sends the missile into the prison grounds just in time to create havoc and give Preston Candy and Mike a chance to leave. Jesus escaped during the madness only to run into McBride who appears at just the right moment.
Rainbow - the beautiful Sunday School Teacher from Preston' dreams appears like madwoman through the flames and burning embers speaking in tongues- the prisoners freeze. She begins to speak scripture and seductively dance. She spins and spins and creates amid the fire and chaos.

Great action occurs and Candy wheelchairs Mike out of danger. Lucky, Pope and Cooky swoop in for a great fight and McBride and other are forced to make a decision to leave Preston as he orders them to leave. The prisoners descend on Preston. There is no way out.

Preston is left behind in order to have his own super bowl.

The next scene is Preston wrapping his hands around the detonating device for the missile. Everyone is sure he is dead.

Two days later, they hold a memorial for Preston. While everyone is grieving especially Candy, up comes Preston - at his side is Rainbow Jones holding him as he hobbles into the compound.

The crowd is stunned. Once they are able to speak, McBride says, "That was so great. whole diversion with the singing ... and the dancing ... and when you called for the '"rain!" You almost bad me too! Rainbow says. .'What do you mean? My child, you have nothing to fear but, fear itself" as thunder rolls. "You have to believe baby," she said.

Alright, thing, are not like they use to be before the "big one" and Preston finds his place in the new world where rivers are running uphill and supernatural powers are a daily occurrence. He realizes he is needed to do what he does naturally.... lead, defend, explore and protect the world - oh yea, and try to find those children that were on the bus as Lucky repaints the sign over the Fort Edenberg Marine Reserve Depot - Mojave the "Fort New Eden."

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