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"The producers felt that the final showdown in Vic Armstrong's directorial debut didn't live up to the stunts that had preceded it, and do asked for a reshoot." from Impact (UK), December 1993

And we can see that two versions were released (US got both as R Rated and Unrated versions)

They contain different endings and some shots added or cut in the last reel

Short version: 101 minutes (below): happy end (USA:Rated R version, UK, Germany, probably more...)

Vision International

Long Version: 106 minutes: (USA:Unrated Version), France, Japan, probably more...), the end is more comprehensive, the final showdown is much longer and features a good added hand to hand combat definitely the best



Click here for more pics from the long version!

check out about the deleted scenes!

Barett (in German)


Note : Running times used are for 35mm film (theatrical, which runs 24 frames/sec.). PAL & SECAM video (25 frames/sec.) make a film run 1/25 shorter (NTSC video keeps theatrical running time)