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Uncredited Screenwriters

Masters Of The Universe
was re-wrote by Stephen Tolkin (Albert Pyun's Captain America). With Gary Goddard, Dolph Lundgren worked some changes from the original script -- adding more action sequences, strengthening the role of He-Man and working on the choreography of the battle scenes.

The Punisher
was re-wrote by the producer Robert Mark Kamen (Taps, The Karate Kid, Lethal Weapon 3), Dolph Lundgren was involved in the writing of the Punisher's monologues.

Dark Angel / I Come In Peace
was uncreditedly re-wrote by David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Stir of Echoes, Spider-man) and John Kamps.

Dolph Lundgren supervised the work of William Tannen and did rewrite some of the script because he thought it was too much of an average action movie.

Showdown In Little Tokyo
uncredited writers & re-writers are Mark L. Lester (story), Martin E. Caan, Gary Devore (Pentathlon), Steve Sharon, Dennis Hackin and Jonathan Lemkin (production rewrite)

Universal Soldier
previous co-writer: Andrew Davis
uncredited re-writer Ross LaManna (Rush Hour) (3rd draft)

Uncredited writers are Martin E. Caan (story), James L. Bartlow (second revised draft), James Wilson (shooting draft). Dolph was pretty much involved in the project from the very begining.

Men Of War
The production notes tells that director Perry Lang co-wrote the script with his friend John Sayles but he only wrote so much later. The main re-writes were done by Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff (Bulletproof Monk).

The Shooter
Sergio Altieri (Silent Trigger) was an uncredited screenwriter on this picture.

It seems that Sweepers came from Dolph Lundgren's idea and concept, then put on the page by Kevin Bernhardt and Keoni Waxman with Dolph's input.

Bridge of Dragons
Clint Lien was hired to do a complete rewrite of the script and last minutes changes on the set. He was credited as associate producer instead.

Agent Red
previous writer: Kevin Bernhardt (when the project was still entitled Captured). Bernhardt has also co-written Sweepers and Jill Rips.

Direct Action
Dolph wroked closely with Sidney Furie and Greg Melott during the writing process.

Although he is only credited with the story, director Christopher Kulikowski wrote the original screenplay, before it was rewritten and butchered by the producers

The Defender
Dolph worked closely with Sidney Furie and Douglas W. Miller during the writing process.

Universal Soldier 3
P.J. Pesce and Tom Abrams wrote the first script in 2007 called "The Next Generation" when Pesce was attached to direct. It seems John Hyams rewroite Victor Ostrovsky's script when he got on board.

Although the final script was written by Raul Inglis it seems the first and original story and script were Dolph Lundgren's work.

The Expendables
Stallone rewrote a script by Dave Callaham and made it "his" until the Writers Guild of Amerca arbitrated otherwise. The production script was written by Robert Mark Kamen (The Karate Kid, The Punisher, The Transporter, Taken) under Stallone's supervision.

The Expendables 2
First script was from Ken Kaufman and David Agosto (Space Cowboys) who had previously sold a similar script in 2008 to Warner Bros called Wardogs. Simon West brought in Richard Wenk (The Mechanic). Then Stallone rewrote the screenplay himself before and during production.