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Former Titles

Dark Angel / I Come In Peace
formerly Death Angel
Lethal Contact
"I was never happy with the (American) title. Unfortunately, there was a picture made in 1929 called Dark Angel, and we could never get a waiver on it. That's was why. It prevented us from releasing it in the U.S. theatrically under the original title." Executive producer Mark Damon, Chaiman of MDP Worldwide (former Vision International), from Impact (UK), February 1994

formerly called The Eleventh Station

Universal Soldier
formerly Crystal Knights

Men Of War
formerly Soldiers of Fortune
formerly A Safe Place
formerly Paid To Kill
"Men of War (1994), an action film starring Dolph Lundgren, began its film life as A Safe Place. Sayles's original screenplay was about "a guy who's a mercenary. He runs into Stone Age people, and they seem pacifistic. He starts rethinking his life, and decides to defend the place, and of course there's a big fight at the end" (Aufderheide Cineaste 15). The film's credits now include two screenwriters, Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris. While Sayles's story line is still evident, the film itself is a testosterone dream. Now the film stands as a weak copy of John Irvin's Dogs of War (1980). Many of the actors in the film, including Don Harvey, Anthony John Denison, Tom Wright, and Kevin Tighe, have worked with Sayles in the past. But the film lacks the humor of the old New World picture reunions." from the book John Sayles, Filmmaker, by Jack Ryan, McFarland & Co, 1998

Johnny Mnemonic
the producers/distributors wanted to change the title to Hardwired because they thought it was too hard to pronounce. Robert Longo fought to keep the original title

Silent Trigger
formerly The Algonquin Goodbye (production title, as still called in some countries)

The Peacekeeper
formerly Red Zone (original title, as called in Germany)
aka Hellbent
(production title)

The Minion
formerly Armageddon

formerly The Sweeper

Bridge Of Dragons
formerly A Bridge Of Dragons

Agent Red
formerly Captured (script and production title)

Missionary Man
formerly Black Chrome