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Filmz (04/05/2009) .flv
Rod Ryan Show (11/21/2008) .mp3
Radio Video Active (08/2008) .mp3
Sommar med Dolph Lundgren (07/19/2008) P1 .mp3 30.61 Mb
Sommar (BONUS) .mp3 4.35 Mb
(courtesy of P1)
BBC (05/28/2008) .mp3
VOA News (02/20/2008) .mp3
First Light part 2 (02/08/2008) .mp3
First Light part 1 (02/06/2008) .mp3
Adam Corolla Show (01/22/2008) .mp3
(courtesy of 97.1 Free FM)
Movie Geeks United (01/11/2008) .mp3
(courtesy of Blog Talk Radio)
The Sports Interview (12/5/2006) .mp3
(courtesy of
First Light (Dirk Van) interview .mp3 2.98 Mb
(courtesy of Westwood One)
Tommy & Rumble interview (2/21/2006) part 1 .mp3 2.58 Mb part 2 .mp3 2.70 Mb
(courtesy of
Bob Rivers Show interview (2/21/2006) .asx
(courtesy of
Dolph talking about fencing .wav
(courtesy of

The Defender (soundtrack)
"Helicopters Over Bucharest" .mp3 6.48 Mb
(courtesy of Adam Norden)
"Tunnel Shoutout 2" .mp3 2.09 Mb
(courtesy of Adam Norden)

Detention (soundtrack)
"Variations on a Theme from Carmen" .mp3 1.78 Mb
(courtesy of Amin Bathia)
"Goodbye" .mp3 1.25 Mb
(courtesy of Meiro Stamm)

Diamond Dogs (soundtrack)
music score by Larry Cohen(19 tracks)

Direct Action (soundtrack)
"Frank Meets Stone" .mp3 3.49 Mb
(courtesy of Adam Norden)
"Rigged Car" .mp3 3 Mb
(courtesy of Adam Norden)

Joshua Tree
"I'll watch you from IN the shower." .wav
"I just pissed twenty minutes ago." .wav
"I never said I was running for Pope." .wav
"like me? great!" .wav
"Santee, have you anything to say...?." .wav
"What was your crime...?" .wav
(courtesy of Taylor Roelofs)

Masters of the Universe
Remastered Soundtrack
Main Title / It’s All Mine .mp3
The Cemetery .mp3
Battle At The Gym .mp3
Kevin Remembers The Tune / People Of Eternia .mp3
The Battle Begins / The Final Battle .mp3
Good Journey .mp3
(courtesy of La-La Land Records)
Main Title (soundtrack) .mp3
Podcast .mp3 discusses an earlier script version
"At the center of the universe..." .wav 86ko
"I've been looking for you!" .wav 44ko
"I dare anything! I am Skeletor!" .wav 117ko
"Whoa-hoo! You know this is one of those new Japanese synthesizers." .wav 61ko
"I have the POWER!" .wav 73ko
He-Man and Skeletor .wav 288ko
(courtesy of

The Peacekeeper (soundtrack)
"Rice Attack & Glory" .mov
(courtesy of François Forestier)
"Missile Launch" .mov
(courtesy of François Forestier)
"The Truth" .mov
(courtesy of François Forestier)

The Punisher
Main titles .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
Welcome Home Dino .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
Praying for a Flashback .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
Harbour Shoot-em-up .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
Tanaka Meets Franco .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
Chopin .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
Party-Pooping Punisher .mp3
(courtesy of Screen Archives)
Funhouse Shootout .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
The Mission .mp3
(courtesy of Screen Archives)
Class Dismissed .mp3
(courtesy of The Punisher Archives)
Punisher Signature .mp3 708ko
(courtesy of Perseverance Records)
Dennis Dreith/Mark Goldblatt
interview .mp3 450ko
(courtesy of
"...he'll find out what the word punish really means" .wav 124ko
"...whacking off wise guys like he's got a hunting license" .wav 93,4ko
"We are Yakuza..." .wav 105ko
"...My father's not a gangster" .wav 80ko
"...125 murders in 5 years? Work in progress..." .wav 226ko
"I still talk to God sometimes..." .wav 226ko
(courtesy of

Red Scorpion (soundtrack)
Attack On Mjaba (sample) .mp3

Retrograde (soundtrack)
26 tracks 
(courtesy of CD Baby)

Rocky IV
"Farewell" (rare soundtrack song by Vince DiCola) .mp3
"If he dies, he dies..." .wav
"I must break you..." .wav
"You will lose." .wav
 (courtesy of Taylor Roelofs)

Showdown In Little Tokyo
"I liked that car and Iliked that girl..." .wav
"Bad news the asshole found us first" .wav
"in between cooking cicles you're supposed..." .wav
"It's like one of those videogames..." .wav
"when we get done, we're gonna go eat fish off those naked chicks" .wav
"If I don't get breakfast I get real grumpy..." .wav
"...this is illegal and it pissed me off" .wav
"Kick his ass!" .wav
"Are you gonna kill him?..." .wav
"...I don't eat raw fish, but that's just me." .wav
showdown 11 .wav
"Nice slicing and dicing partner!" .wav

Storm Catcher
Fly (soundtrack) .mp3
(courtesy of David & Eric Wurst)
Marshmellow .wav
Go .wav
trouble .wav
(courtesy of

Universal Soldier
"Say Good night asshole..." .wav
"The food is good." .wav
"I'm looking for a deserter..." .wav
"...It's empty!" .wav
(courtesy of
"I'm all ears." .wav
"My name is Sgt. Andrew Scott." .wav
(courtesy of Taylor Roelofs)
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