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Dolph Lundgren Weds Annette Qvberg

Hello! Magazine, March 1994


The Hollywood Action Man Shuns Limelight For A Simple Ceremony In Sweden

"I can't help admiring Dolph's prefernces, wheteher it's a matter of his career choices or his choice of a partner for life. Annette is a truly Marvellous girl."

With this tribute, Johan Lundgren, the Swedish film star's elder brother, set the tone for Dolph's wedding day - humor and relaxation within a traditional framework. A far cry from the hype and media madness that Dolph Lundgren could have conjured up for his wedding day if he and his bride had chosen to get married in Hollywood.

But they didn't. Dolph, 33, met 25-year-old Annette two years ago in Sweden and it was there that they wished their marriage to take place, where the bride's family could give a fine send-off on familiar territory.

The couple exchanged their vows in Stockholm's Church of St. Eleanore, Annette radiant in the outfit created for her by French grand couturier Thierry Mugler: a sheath of heavy silk satin, lace, and fake fur, hand-embroidered with diamonds and snow crystals, and a velvet jacket with the same style of embroidery.

About 300 guests gathered at the Grand Hotel for a reception and dinner featuring a truly Scandanavian menu: an assortment of caviars as an hors d'oeuvre, then marinated reindeer, and an iced cake with wild berries.

Like Hans Dolph Lundgren, the bride, Eva Annette Qviberg, is known by her second name. A jewellery designer by profession, she is, according to Dolph, a wonderfully generous, independent woman who has both feet on the ground and doesn't give him any undeserved flattery.

"She's like a mirror for me," he said in an interview last year.

It was partly those special qualities which made her different from the girls who shared Dolph's "wild years" when he first broke into the acting world, a decade ago.

That first break was pure coincidence. Dolph, who's no brainless hunk, had already got his degree in chemical engineering and was on his way to Boston University to further his studies when he made a fateful stopover in New York.

His girlfriend at the time was Grace Jones, and when one of the actors in the movie she was filming -View to a Kill, with Sean Connery - fell ill, Dolph was asked to stand in as Grace's bodyguard.

Since then, he's become one of the biggest names in muscle and action films, and we've seen his fabulous physique in Rocky IV, The Punisher, Universal Soldier, and bringing to life the comic-strip character He-Man in Masters of the Universe. His most recent films are Pentathlon, Men of War, and Meltdown.

But under the macho image, he claims, he's really quite a softie.

Which is good news for his bride, of course, as they embark on married life together with a honeymoon in Morocco, Spain, and France. After that, they won't will be settling in Hollywood, which they think is too artficial, but over on the East Coast, where they've taken a three-level flat near Manhattan's Central Park.