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Between the funeral scene, and the press conference for the Rocky-Drago fight, there was originally shot a scene in which Rocky is told by the U.S. boxing board that any bout with Drago in Russia won't be sanctioned by the board, and that he is effectively 'out on his own' if he does fight Drago at all. In the brief set of magazine/newspaper covers/stills that are shown right before the press conference scene, there is a photo, plus headline, of this meeting taking place. Also, the matter of 'not sanctioned to fight Drago in Russia' is spoken about in the press conference scene itself anyway. This 'repetition' of plot points was likely what got the scene taken out, deemed unnecessary for the final cut but we see two shots of it in the theatrical trailer.

"He said one professional fight, and one man is dead!"


In the teaser trailer, we see Drago in a Dolly shot, the camera moving around starting from his feet up to his face, and he says :

"My name is Drago. I'm a fighter from the Soviet Union. I fight all my life and I never lose. Soon, I fight Rocky Balboa and the world will see his defeat. Soon the whole world will know my name."

It is in fact the monologue that Dolph Lundgren had prepared for the audition to get the role of Drago.


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