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Pit Bulls


From birth, the government taught him that emotion didn't exist, that compassion was worthless, that his life was worth nothing next to the good of the squad. And they taught him to kill better than anyone else in the world. But now he's on the loose and learning that he has a soul--and the first thing he feels is hate.

M.D.P Worldwide presents PIT BULLS, starring Dolph Lundgren and produced by Moshe Diamant. The film is based on the same hit comic book series that spawned TIMECOP, the Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer, also produced by Moshe Diamant and directed by Peter Hyams for Largo and Universal.

Out of the smoky, siren-filled confusion of a major crime scene, a silvery skyscraper rises. Its smooth, metallic sides reflect the mayhem on the ground but reveal nothing within. Windowless and featureless, the building seems impregnable. Inside are the headquarters and scientific team of the largest supplier of U.S. defense hardware. Also inside: the team of terrorists that have taken them hostage.

Suddenly, from out of the fog, a cadre of troops whose eyes reflect nothing but the glow of the spotlight -bathed building march into rigid formation. These are the Pit Bulls, recruited from orphanages as infants and kept in solitary confinement until adulthood, allowed human contact only in the rigorous training operations that make them the most elite group of soldiers in the American arsenal. Silent and emotionless, yet fiercely intelligent, they stand ready to do one thing: sacrifice their lives in the annihilation of the hostile force inside this building. Coded orders bark from their helmet speakers and like a falling house of cards, the men deploy, blazing through the front of the building and disappearing into its inner reaches.

Emergency personnel outside await some sign of the battle within. Minutes pass with no sign, until the earth rumbles as if shaking from some internal catastrophe. Suddenly the featureless building becomes riddled with cracks as fire and smoke shoot out With agonizing slowness, the building tilts and collapses, the deadly result of a suicide trap set by the terrorists.

From a remote location hundreds of miles away, the team of uniformed officers that gave the orders watch grimly on video monitors as the operation goes as wrong as it possibly could. Not only have they lost the team of scientists, but they've failed to bring the terrorists to justice. No one speaks of the Pit Bulls--from this moment on those men never existed.

The team reviews the tapes of the operation over and over again, looking for where it went wrong, what they could have done differently. Exhausted after hours of this, the men break as the tape continues to play footage of the destroyed building. Suddenly one of the officers shouts as he glances at the still-playing video. The other officers spin around in time to see a dark shape emerge from the smoking rubble. Incredibly, a survivor! The room becomes tense as the officers realize the implications. A scan of the video figure confirms their worst fears: the figure radiates the infrared code from a surgically implanted chip that means only one thing: Pit Bull!

Crawling out of the rubble in intense agony, Pit Bull #132 staggers blindly away, looking for the squad the doesn't exist anymore. Too disoriented by the blast to execute his standing orders--to call a private number, give his location, and wait-he stumbles into the street and the last thing he hears is the screech of tires before his vision goes black.

When he wakes up, he sees the inside of an apartment and a woman sitting close, watching him.
To us she would be beautiful. She's startled when his eyes open and focus on her. A nurse, she's bound his broken leg and dressed his wounds. Though a driving impulse in his brain tells him to call in, he waits. That slight disobeying of orders is the first chink in his emotional armor. As his bones knit in her apartment, he feels something else growing inside him, a humanity he's never felt before. Though she doesn't know quite what to make of this strange man who seems so distant, she can feel his raw emotion beneath the surface. Gradually, Pit Bull #132 becomes a human being, able to love, and hate. And as he falls in love for the first time, he realizes that he has a soul.

But for the glittering men in the control room, this is the disaster they hoped would never happen: a Pit Bull on the loose. As long as they could separate his awesome killing power from his emotions they could control him. But now he's an unknown quantity . To maintain the secrecy of the operation, and to protect anyone around the renegade, they must eliminate him immediately. All Pit Bull operations are suspended, the orders read. All forces deploy immediately to recapture #132.

Hearing the familiar march of his former regiment coming for him, #132 prepares to fight like he never has before. They took his soul once, but never again...

Dolph Lundgren stars as the renegade soldier who must be caught at all costs. An international action star, his previous credits include UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, ROCKY IV and MEN OF WAR.

(fact sheet from MDP Worldwide)

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