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In the second revised draft written by James L. Bartlow (based upon a story by Martin E. Caan and William Stadiem and a first draft by William Stadiem), Eric Brogar is still the East German athlete who defects after winning the pentathlon gold medal at the 1988 Olympics and is pursued by his enemy, Mueller (who's the chief of the Stasi). Hurt, he does paper work at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where a shooting coach, called Julia Geary, works. He resigns and visits his father for Oktoberfest. His father moved to Arcadia, North Carolina after the fall of the Berlin wall (Mueller had put him in jail for the defecting of his son). Soon, a friend of theirs gets killed for finding chemical warheads where he and Rudolf Brogar work, at Drei Farben, a US Army contractor. Mueller is in town, making a deal with the chairman to sell the weapons that Drei Farben is supposed to destroy. Mueller's men soon encounter Eric. Helped by Julia (who came for explanations about his resignation) but not much by the police, Eric tries to uncover the plot. When Mueller learns that Eric's in Arcadia, he seeks revenge and sends his men to kill Eric. Then Mueller takes Eric's father as a hostage. This script is very different from the final movie. A lot more happens, there is plenty of action and the characters relationships (between Eric and his father notably) are more complexe

The following synopsis is based on one of the earlier drafts of the project, in development at Filmstar Inc. at that time (~1991), and it shows how different the completed film could be (the pictures below seem not to be in the movie).

The Pentathlon is an Olympic competition originally designed by the ancient Greeks for their sodier athletes. A combination of five different sports -- running, swimming, riding, fencing and shooting -- the Pentathlon is the ultimate measure of all -around athletic ability. The Gold Medalist in this contest is generally considered to be the greatest athlete in the world.

The movie opens with Erich Brogar being interviewed on American television in Los Angeles, where Brogar, now the coach of the American Olympic pistol team, is in town to attend a fundraiser with the team at an elite country club. A montage of his athletic abilities and particularly the event in Brogar's life which made him a world-class hero is shown during the course of the interview.

This episode took place at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Erich Brogar (Dolph Lundgren), a member of the East German team, won the Gold Medal, setting a new world Pentathlon record. He won even greater attention a few days later when he defected in a daring escape to freedom at the Los Angeles airport in front of the international press. The whole world saw the dramatic footage of Erich fighting his way from his gun-toting East German Secret Police (Stasi) "handlers". Erich used all his athletic ability to best the Stasi Chief, Heinz, in a shoot out and fight out that made Erich a U.S. hero -- while Heinz returned to East Germany in disgrace.

After his defection, Erich used his influence to obtain the release of his father, Dr. Rudolf Brogar, from an East German prison. Dr. Brogar was tortured and mistreated as punishment for his son's escape to the free world. Dr. Brogar, a prominent research chemist, was also a human right activist who convinced Erich to leave East Germany.

Erich arranged for his freed father to work as a research chemist at the American subsidiary of the big German industrial company, Drei Farben, in Beaufort, South Carolina, a picturesque antebellum town on the coast whose cheap land values and even cheaper local labor has enticed many other German concerns to set up shop in the area. Beaufort, consequently, has become known as the "Little Munich of Dixie".

Now we see another shoot out, but of a different sort. The American Pentathlon team is putting on a shooting exhibition at the L.A. country club for the wealthy members. One of the members, Tom Mason, drunk and cocky, offers to donate $25,000 to the Olympic fund if Brogar, who no longer is a competitive marksman, can beat the highest score by his team member. Erich rises for the occasion and shows Mason and the others what Gold Medal caliber shooting is all about.

That night Erich receives a call from his father. Sounding afraid, Dr. Brogar only says two words: "They're here," and then the lines goes dead. Erich tries for hours to get through to his father, to no avail. Very concerned, he hops the next plane to South Carolina only to find out, when he gets there, that his father is dead. The rumor is suicide, but Erich knows his father loved life too much to kill himself. He also remembers the words he uttered and vows to find out what his father meant. A week passes. Erich has buried his father and stays like a recluse in his house mourning over the souvenirs of his father's life. Julia Ritter, the daughter of his father's co-worker and old friend, Dr. Reinhart Ritter, calls Erich and invites him out for a drink. Pretty and bright, Julia decides to cheer Erich up by taking him to a redneck country western bar. A graduate student at the University of South Carolina, Julia is home for the summer.

While they're dancing, Julia gets propositioned by gang of very huge and very tough blonde thugs. When Erich comes to the rescue -- what he hears comes out of the thugs' mouths shocks him - instead of the expected redneck drawls, these louts speak German. A terrible brawl ensues, in which Erich destroys both the Germans and the entire bar. Afterwards, when Erich leaves, a bartender who helped Erich and volunteered to speak whith him the next day about "what was happening" to his once happy city, is shot by none other than ex-Stasi point man, Heinz. What is he doing here?

Erich and Julia have an instant attraction for one another. When he tells her that he's decided to stay on in Beaufort for awhile, to take care of "family business", she's overjoyed.

Later, Erich goes to the hospital to check on the bartender. The police are already there; the bartender died a half an hour earlier. Erich, who knows firearms, discovers that the "murder bullet" was fired from a sophisticated rifle -- a Russian riffle. Too many coincidences and Erich decides to go the police.

The Beaufort police are very polite, but not overly concerned by these events. The courtly police chief, Beauregard Gates, shuffles Erich off to Detective Virgil Porter, the town's token black sleuth. Gates tells Erich that he's honored to have such a distinguished visitor in town and that he's a huge Olympic supporter, etc. This is obviously lip service because teaming Erich up with Virgil is not exactly the 'red carpet treatment'. Especially when Gates tells Erich that the "black boys" have been responsible for a number of curious deaths of white men lately.

In spite of their being total opposites, Erich and Virgil develop an instant camaraderie. Virgil is extremely dubious that the local, peaceful blacks are responsible for these murders. What about the Germans, Erich asks. Model citizens, Virgil laughs.

We cut to Drei Farben to see just how model the Germans are. Located on Beaufort Island, 1 mile off the coast of Beaufort, the Drei Farben factory is adjacent to a large castle that was built before the Civil War by a rich cotton planter with European pretensions. Three poor assembly line workers leave the plant, telling each other in low voices that they can't believe "what they're making".

After departing the ferry, walking down the country road home, Heinz's Mercedes caravan picks up the three men and takes them to the woods. They methodically cut off one's tongue, another's ears and the other's eyes. After which, they hang and ignite them -- saying "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!" Then they carve the initials "E.C." in the corpses. E.C. stands for Ebony Coalition, a black rights group the Stasi want to frame for the killings.

Returning to the Drei Farben plant, Heinz enters the castle and goes to the antique office of the company chairman, Bruno Kunst, a mega mogul who imported Heinz and other Stasis, displaced by the reunification of Germany, to America by giving them false immigration papers and new identities. He's employed them to use their East German hi-tech Stasi terror techniques to intimidate the poor local work force into keeping his deep, billion dollar secret.

Drei Farben is ostensibly making industrial chemicals, but it is also making deadly material for chemical warfare, exporting it secretly to Germany where it will be sold for huge profits to Third World war-mongers.

Heinz has seen Erich Brogar in Beaufort and, given their past relationship knows that this could pose a danger. Kunst, alarmed, orders Heinz to terminate Erich immediately.

Erich, dining with Julia and Dr. Ritter questions the strange goings-on in Beaufort. They say very little, changing the subject as much as possible. Later that night, on his way home, Erich is ambushed by Heinz's men, all in black leather, on a fleet of motorcycles. This time Erich gets a glimpse of Heinz, face to face, but Heinz gets away. Though Erich upends a number of these not-so-easy riders, when he complains to the police they explain that the riders are simply members of a local German biker club and that they were only out for fun.

A bit bruised, Erich calls Julia and asks her to meet him at his fahter's house. Shocked at what has happened, she tends his wounds. Later, they make love. Julia has fallen hard for Erich and is concerned for his life. The next morning, she tells her father about
he attack on Erich. Ashamed and scared, Dr. Ritter breaks down and cries. He also tells Julia the deep and dark truth about the evil doings at Drei Farben.

Julia goes to find Erich, but she's too late. He's already gone off with Virgil. As she leaves the Brogar house she is snatched by Heinz's men. Erich and Virgil, meanwhile, have gone out to Drei Farben, on it's fortress island, surrounded by a space age security system not to mention Dobermans and guards in speedboats, where they meet the imperious Kunst. They walk the assembly line and question the workers who are clearly too terrified to reveal anything relating to Erich's father's death.

All charm, Kunst invites them to visit his castle near the plant. Wanting more information and afraid of nothing, Erich agrees to go. Besides, he has the law -- Virgil -- with him. At the castle, Kunst asks Erich for a fencing display in his great hall. His opponent will be Kunst's hitman Thor, who secretly puts poison on the end of his rapier. A fierce match ensues, in which Erich is victorious.

He invites Erich and Virgil to see his Arabian stallions. As they depart for the stables, Heinz and his motorcycle gang reappear. They handcuff Erich and Virgil and take them to the torture chamber in the casle's basement where, to Erich shock, Julia and her father are also being held. Kunst tells Erich that he is to die, just like his father. Dr. Brogar had been forced to help develop a poison gas formula, after which he was no longer of use and too dangerous to keep alive. Kunst is controlling the town. Gates is on the payroll, along with other leading local politicians. The town's power structure is totally corrupt.

Now Kunst, who fancies himself a great sportsman, makes Erich one final proposition. He will set Erich free on his island and give him one final chance to escape. It is a sporting gesture, but Kunst laughs his evil laugh, and says he knows he will win. Still, he loves the Pentathlon and wants to see Erich gives his all trying -- and dying. Stripped to a loin cloth, Erich is let loose on the island -- filled with all the terrors of both nature and man. There are wild boars, snakes, alligators, rabid Dobermans, quicksand, swamps and dozens of Stasi killers stalking Erich.

Yet somehow Erich survives, using all his Pentathlon skills, swimming, riding an Arabian stallion he commandeers, racing through booby-trapped and mined woods and shooting with guns he takes from the Stasis he killed with his hands. Single-handedly, he defeats Kunst's army. This war culminates in a sword battle in which he beheads the hated Heinz and then takes on the guards at the factory and blows it up.

Then Erich comes back to deal with Kunst himself. Returning to the dungeon, Erich finds Virgil and Dr. Ritter, beaten and chained, but alive. But where is Julia? Erich races through the castle and spots them making their way to the dock for a speedboat escape. Erich chases them in a guard boat only to be attacked by Chief Gates in a helicopter. Erich, with the greatest shot in his life, guns the chopper down to a fireball in the Atlantic.

Then, after a massive game of aquatic chicken, in which the two speedboats collide, Erich and Kunst square off underwater, and in the alligator and snake infested swampy marshes Erich feeds the villain to the reptiles.

Afterwards, Erich rescues Julia, who is clinging to the boat wreckage. At the end, Erich has avenged his father, rid the world of another dealer in chemical death, made a lifelong friend, Virgil and fallen in love with Julia.

(from Filmstar/PFG Entertainment)