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"The original script was reworked about 50 times. A bloodshed. It doesn't remain much of the action scenes featured in it. But, we cut a lot during filming, so nothing was deleted during editing. What we see is all, absolutely ALL that was shot. 15 pages of the script were cut during preparation and 20 pages were cut while shooting. All the most crazy scenes concerning action. But anyway, we learn we can't be too greedy when we don't have the budget."

"The car chase on the roofs were longer in the script. The car dropped in the middle of a reception on a terrace with hundreds of people. To finish, the before-last building was too high and so the cars went through the window of an appartment and through all the rooms, living room, kitchen... taking the walls, the equipments and getting out by the other side of the window to finish on the last building where Dolph's car did the 6 floors plunge (true and really done!). So there was more material, but unfortunately not enough budget to do it all..!"

from director Frédéric Forestier to the webmaster (translated from French)