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The rough cut of the movie ran much longer than what we know it, "with Goddard constantly editing footage as it was filmed. His work print, assembled at two hours, nineteen minutes, re-quires about a half-hour to be trimmed for final length." from Prevue, vol.2 #28, May/July 1987

In his feature-length DVD commentary, director Gary Goddard tells about cutting the farewell scene at the end :

"There was a larger scene here... And the one thing I would re-do if I was to re-edit this today is, there's a slightly longer farewell scene that, has the ring of Dorothy when she leaves the charcters in Oz. You see a piece of it here, but it gets cut shorter a little bit. She actually had a separate goodbye for each of the characters: to Teela and to Man-at-Arms and to each of them... And I thought it was a great moment, and it was the one compromise I made at the studio's request because they wanted to get to the end faster and they thought it was a little too drawn up, but actually I think it was hard-felt, but the first preview which that seem play, people actually cried, and whatever we edited down to this shorter version, it never quite got the emotion that it had in that first preview. So that's my one regret that we shortened that scene. Everything else I think, turned up very descently, all things considered."

Several dialogues or scenes appearing in the Official Poster Magazine seem to have disappeared from the final cut of the movie :

"Captive of an energy-draining force field, imprisoned in Castle Grayskull by the insidious Skeletor, the Sorceress is still defiant. "Your treachery will be repaid," she vows, fists clenched, her face proud."

"Man-at-Arms jumps between two monstrous pillars to a rampway in Skeletor's throne room."

"Man-at-Arms turns to face the horrible terror that has reared up before him. He takes a second to look and turns to He-Man and Teela who have joined him in the fray."

"Teela's sword strikes home with a mighty thud, sending one of Skeletor's soldiers slamming against a throne room wall."

"In a dungeon beneath Snake Mountain, Teela and her fellow warriors fight for breath amid the choking air. Teela takes one more defiant breath. "Let us go up," she says. "If we must die, let us at least die in the light and in a fight." "

"Kevin's tweak results in pizza flying through the air and making shambles of the Italian restaurant where the teen's curiosity got the better of him."

"Karg, Skeletor's malevolent toady, is preparing to enter the time warp in pursuit of the all-important Cosmic Key. And he will not travel alone."

" "I will take two of the cyborgs," hisses Karg. "The sharp senses of Beastman and Saurod will help track down the prey." "

"At Skeletor's very strong suggestion, Karg reluctantly agrees to take another Eternian bounty hunter, Blade."

" "Find the Cosmic Key and kill any refugees from Eternia," booms Skeletor. "To fail me will be close to treason. And you know what I do to traitors." "

"The battle is over, Skeletor has been defeated and He-Man's Earth friends are preparing to return to their own time. All except for Detective Lubic who, emerging with two Eternian beauties at his side, announces he's going to stay. "The only thing I'll miss is the World Series," he says."

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The following pictures come from deleted shots we don't see in the final cut:

He-Man trying to break the energy field with his sword

He-Man fighting Blade above him

shot inside the car

The following clips appear in the teaser trailer and are not the film.