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The film is 7 minutes longer in Japan with a little different editing and the former music composed for the film, which makes the movie more interesting. It's part because of the national icone Takeshi Kitano which is a huge star there. There is one added very good (but short) scene with Dolph preaching in his church.

"The version relased in Japan is forteen minutes longer. Forteen minutes that weave much more interesting links between between characters, that say longer about themselves, especially Takahashi." William Gibson in Mad Movies, n°58, November 1995 (translated from already translated French)

Main titles are added at the beginning, featuring the song "Lost" by Stabbing Westward ("bonus song" on the soundtrack). Soundtracks songs are not used the same way and the previous score is composed by Mychael Danna (The Sweet Hereafter, Ride with the Devil) has been kept.

"As far as JM goes, after I finished the film (the "long" version), I left the country (to India where I taught English in a small village in Begal). Meanwhile, they decided to cut the film significantly, and therefore, the music no longer fit, hence the hiring of Brad Fiedel. There is no soundtrack. The Japanese distributor prefered the long version, most countries went with the short one." Composer Mychael Danna to the webmaster

Of course it's a must, this long version seems closer to the film that director Robert Longo and writer William Gibson had in mind. Other deleted scenes can be found on the Terry Bisson's novel (based on the Gibson's script).

Takahashi (Takeshi Kitano) watching a hologram of his daughter

Street Preacher preaching

"I too was greeten, by the sickness that devour the silver path ways of the soul!

But the Lord came to me and I was healed!

... and made post-human! The darkest waves upon you now, but I am come...

to lead you into the light.

My children, I sense a need for meditation,

I must leave you now, the sermon is... over."

Street Preacher fighting Jane (Dina Meyer) during final showdown

Check out about the deleted scenes!


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Note : Running times used are for 35mm film (theatrical, which runs 24 frames/sec.). PAL & SECAM video (25 frames/sec.) make a film run 1/25 shorter (NTSC video keeps theatrical running time)