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The following synopsis (from the flyers to sell the movie) shows how the initial script was rewrote and changed.

JASON PRICE is a private investigator who makes clients disappear. He specializes in running people underground with new identities. He's so good that even government agencies turn to him when they want someone to vanish permanently.

Everything changes when Price's best friend, FBI agent SONNY MATHIS, asks for a favor. He's on the run from the JERICHO GROUP, a crime syndicate that has put out a contract on his life to a legendary hit man known only as THE BAKER. Sonny implores Price to put him into his labyrinthine network. Price reluctantly agrees, but the operation goes sour and Sonny is killed. The FBI charges him with obstruction of justice and accessory to the murder of a federal agent.

Price withdraws from everyday life to a remote corner in Maine where he runs a small restaurant, but his days of tranquility and isolation are short-lived. A beautiful, mysterious woman, RENEE BROOKS, shows up one day and asks Price to hide her. A former insider at Jericho, she had an affair with Sonny. Jericho found out about the information leak and put out a contract on her life - to the Baker! Price suspects there is more here than meets the eye, but agrees to help her in order to trap the killer. In an action-packed sting, he nearly nails the assassin, only to have the FBI inadvertently foil the plan. Renee escapes into Price's network.

A few days later, Price gets another visitor: Sonny! He is furious at Sonny for emerging: after he did time in jail to help keep Sonny's false death a secret. Sonny, fearful, tells Price that the Baker knows he's alive and is on his trail. Then Sonny drops a bombshell: the Baker is Renee. Price, realizing that she is now inside his network, must reactivate his dormant control center to protect his clients, who have been under for years but still have contracts on their lives. He tracks Renee down, only to have her reveal the startling fact that she's really an FBI Agent pursuing double-agent Sonny, who's the real Baker.

Price returns and finds that his control center's been ravaged, and that the killer has located an executive Price ran underground long ago. The target still has $10 million on his head, and is the only hit the Baker ever missed. In a gripping, eerie, fog-laden finale at the Boston wharf, Price finds himself fighting to uncover the true identity of the killer -is it his best friend, Sonny, or his new love, the enigmatic and sexy Renee…?