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Force Majeure (1995)

Below are pics from rehearsals for the play Force Majeure in march 1995, in which Dolph Lundgren seems to have played a death-row prisoner.

"Group Of Eight, the modest New York theatre company with which he's associated, is central to his image rebuilding. The company recently mounted a double bill featuring Lundgren in two contrasting roles -- as a comic, hard-working husband and as a death-row prisoner.

'I'm doing it for my craft. I want a better understanding of dramatic material, of how to make a situation work and make it interesting for an audience. If I manage to make a transition to character-driven roles, even though they may have a lot of action in them, I'll still know what I'm doing.' " from Calgary Herald, Southam News, 3 December 1995 ("Smart guy Lundgren battles Hollywood stereotype" )

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