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The following synopsis shows how the initial script was somewhat rewrote and some details changed.

It's Sgt. Frank Gannon's last day as a cop. He's taking early retirement. Just has to make it through one more shift. It starts off great with a party thrown by other officers. They love Frank and he loves them back. They're like family. But things start going wrong. His veteran partner, Sgt. Grimes, gets replaced by a rookie detective, Billie Ross, on orders of Frank's commander, Captain Stone.

Frank is stopped, by cops he knows, and warned about talking to the wrong people. He meets Captain Stone at a diner. Stone confronts Frank, he knows he is going to a federal grand jury and tell all he knows of the gang squad called the Direct Action Unit. The cops working in the unit have gone bad. Drugs and money were stolen, some people got killed and other people got jailed, innocent ones.

Captain Stone tries to buy Frank off. Frank drops Billie at the station to keep her out of harm's way, but she spots Frank leaving the station trailed by the cops who warned him. Frank gets ambushed on the street by these cops, and taken to a remote location to be killed. Billie follows them and jumps into the fight and she and Frank battle their way free.

Frank is wounded and Billie takes him to be patched up. Assistant Attorney General LoPresti, is Frank's contact man. He wants Frank to stay put. But Frank knows it'll be his word against other cops, and now that Frank's a cop killer, his word won't mean much. Frank goes out to get evidence and answers. Billie comes with him. Knowing now that Stone put her with Frank because he thought she was a screw-up.

The action builds as Frank and Billie get turned onto a connection between Captain Stone, the Direct Action cops, and a gang of Afghanis headed by a man named Khalid Manseur. After some help they force a couple of CIA agents to give them, Frank and Billie get hold of a crucial witness who can link the cops and Afghanis together. But Grimes' family gets kidnapped from the safe house by Captain Stone's men, and offered in trade for the witness. During the exchange, things go terribly wrong. One of the CIA agents is killed, so are Grimes and his wife. Captain Stone and some of his cops get away. Frank and Billie learn where these cops are going. To a truck stop to finalize a drug deal involving a shipment from Afghanistan that will let them all leave the country - even as Stone is appearing at the grand jury to deny all charges against him and his men.

Frank calls LoPresti, to get back-up for the truck stop. But as Frank meets with LoPresti, Billie discovers in a call from the surviving CIA agent that Khalid Manseur is not just one man. It's the code-name used by a number of agents from a CIA task force from Afghanistan in the eighties, led by a Commander LoPresti. LoPresti is Khalid Manseur! And Stone's partner in this drug deal. Billie comes out of her vehicle blasting, and kills LoPresti before he can shoot Frank. But Afghanis posing as marshals burst from their cars and shoot down Billie before Frank can take them out in an explosive battle. In roars the big-rig carrying the container of Afghan heroin, the drug deal having been blown by all the gunfire and explosions. Frank shoots it out with the Afghan leader riding in the truck, kills the cop driving it in a knife fight, only to discover that Billie's near death. Captain Stone's makes his getaway with his last surviving cop, when Frank shows up and shoots it out with them. Killing both right they're in the police parking garage in the startling climax of DIRECT ACTION.

-from Nu Image