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Diamond Dogs

This story below, the original script, written by Leopold St. Pierre, was heavily changed during filming and editing.

A handful of travelers, led by ex-American soldier Xander Ronson, find themselves transporting a priceless Buddhist Tangka through dangerous, remote Mongolia. One by one, they mysteriously die, each in a totally different yet strangely appropriate way. Who - or what - is behind the murders? The Tangka has great spiritual value to the locals - yet, being covered in diamonds and woven with gold and silver thread - just as great material value, particularly to ex-Russian Colonel Zhukov and his gang of ruthless mercenaries. And where does Lassiter, dealer in priceless stolen objets d'art, fit into the mix...?

Six are left... then 5, 4 - each dying despite mounting precautions. Escalating mistrust and paranoia run rampant. Facades and lies are peeled away, leaving, in the end, only the last twist, the key to the riddle of it all.

The action climaxes in an explosive final showdown between Ronson and Zhukov, with the fate of the priceless artifact - and both men's lives - hanging in the balance...

© Leopold St-Pierre