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The original script of DETENTION (dated 1993) is basically the same as the actual movie though there are some slight differences. Some character's names are changed: villains Vance and Jules became Viktor and Alek. Lamb is supposed to be a disgruntled ex-cop. Lamb and Gloria are not as close as they are in the movie. The student girl who has a crush on Sam Decker, Cheryl, is re-named Charlee Turkle.

- The opening scene set during the Bosnia war was not in the original script. It has probably been added to deliver a kick ass overture (in the script, we just know that Decker is a former military, and the cop Endorf isn't his former war partner as he is in the movie). The original script begins with the villains making a deal for weapons in an airport, and it follows with Sam waking up at his girlfirend's appartment. All the begining is longer in the original script than in the actual movie.

At a Chicago airport, VANCE JARRET, JULES LENNIK, GLORIA WAYLON, and their psychotic leader CHESTER LAMB purchase weapons from an arm dealer, then kill him and his bodyguards in cold blood. The next morning, SAM DECKER (30's), a schoolteacher and ex-army corporal, wakes with MARGO CONROY, a fellow teacher and live-in lover.

At Sam's work -- a tough, inner-city high school -- security guards MILT DOVER and GIL OSTER reports a nighttime break-in to police officer EARL HENDORF. Hendorf reports the crime to his boss, Sergeant PHIL LINSTROM, who has his hands full with GLEN PARKOW, an FBI agent recruited to oversee the local Democratic Convention.

- The high school presentation is pretty much the same although they cut a few scenes from the script:

Various students file into Downsview High: JAY TEE BARRE, a self-assured stud; ALICIA ROBERTS, nine-months pregnant; WILLY ARGUS, a brainy paraplegic; and CHERYL TURLOCK, a sexy young woman. Meanwhile, Lamb meets with security guard Gil Oster. He learns how to break into school over the weekend, then kills Gil.

Sam teaches history and apprehend a knife from MICK TUCKER, a trash-talking troublemaker. Despite Mick's protests, Sam sentences him to detention. That afternoon, a massive student named HOGIE HOGARTH brawls with quarterback COREY WASHINGTON in the cafeteria. They spark a riot. Sam enters the fray and ends up slugging a bloodthirsty football coach.

- When the man hunt begins in the school it' isn't Alek but Gloria who fires at Sam in the cafeteria. Also, Alicia really goes into labor to get her baby (in the script).

- Meanwhile, Cheryl (Charlee) tries to contact the state police via Hendorf's cop car, but Hendorf comes and strangles Cheryl.

- To get Margo come to him, Lamb disguises himself as a police officer.

- With Mick's help, Sam rescues Margo and, after a long chase throughout the building, Margo shoots Lamb dead on the roof. Linstrom arrives and helps whisk Alicia off to the hospital to give birth. The paramedics also manage to revive Cheryl.