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The Controller


Synopsis: CARL STELLING in cahoots with fellow U.S. mercenaries kills fellow colleagues in the name of a groundbreaking genetic-altering serum.

Years later, Los Angeles is a battleground of crime and violence. While candidates campaign for a strict law-and order platform that would provide implants to monitor every citizens whereabouts, MACLEARY a heroic but troubled cop dealing with the comatose condition of his wife, guns down a `crazy'- a police nickname for outlaws jacked up on mind enhancers, the popular stimulant drugs that lots of people are taking. The "Crazy" was about to go on a major shooting spree.

Later that afternoon, police are called to quell a big shoot out at a Mall, a security guard has gone beserk and is randomly shooting innocent bystanders. With the help of his partner STONE, Macleary detain, the guard and draws the link between his taking mind enhancing drugs and his violent outburst.

After words, after visiting his wife HELEN in the hospital, Macleary consults with lab technician QUINCE, who informs him that there has been a correlation between use of Mind-enhancers and increase of violence, but protected by powerful lobbyists and Pharmaceutical interests, no one has been able to do anything to get them off the market. Later, Macleary is suspended by CHIEF DELARTHY when lie makes his accusations against Mind-enhancers public.

Macleary is approached by JAKE, who has been trying to get heard on this cause for years. He tells him the first Mind-enhancers were developed by Carl Stelling in order to exercise mind control on the public. Macleary also learns that one of the big pharmaceutical companies has developed a spray that reacts with mind-enhancers to provoke violence that is being used by the federal government in an effort to activate a reign of terror.

After finding Jake dead, Macleary realizes the government will soon target not only he and Stone. but also Helen. Left with no choice Macleary sadly euthanizes her, and immediately fends off numerous attackers in a furious chase from the hospital. Macleary and Stone soon discover boxes left by Jake that evidence of CBT one of the big pharmaceutical companies chemical misdeeds.

As Stelling announces plans to install CBT implants in the world's major cities, Macleary and Stone lead a charge to raid the meeting and dissuade Stelling investors before its too late. Stelling escapes and threatens to dump his catalyzing agent into the city reservoir, turning all of Los Angeles into `crazies. It's up to Macleary to find him and kill him before it is too late!


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