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Dolph Lundgren, Fit Forever: Träning som livsstil, Bonnier Fakta, 2011

Jérémie Damoiseau, "Dolph Lundgren: incarnation et désincarnation du héros de films d'action", Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2002 (unpublished M.A. thesis)

Rocky IV
novel by Sylvester Stallone, published by Ballantine Books, 1985

Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture Comics adaptation, published by Star Comics (Marvel), November 1987

The Punisher Movie Special Official comic adaptation by Carl Potts & Brent Anderson from the screenplay by Boaz Yakin and Robert Mark Kamen, Vol.1 No. 1, published by Marvel Comics, June 1990

I Come In Peace Comics adaptation, by Charles Holland and Darryl Cobbs, 2 issues, published by Greater Mercury Comics, Nov 1991-Feb 1992

Universal Soldier - Comic adaptation by Clint McElroy, Lenin Delsol and Tony DeZuniga, based on the screenplay by Richard Rothstein & Christopher Leitch and Dean Devlin, published by Now Comics (USA), 1992 (3 issues)

- Novel by Robert Tine based on the screenplay by Richard Rothstein & Christopher Leitch and Dean Devlin, published by Jove Books (USA) and Signet/Penguin Books (UK), 1992

Johnny Mnemonic Screenplay (shooting script) and short story by William Gibson, published by Ace Books (US), 1995 and Harper&Collins (UK), 1996

- Novel by Terry Bisson based on the short story and screenplay by William Gibson, published by Pocket Books, 1995

Jill Rips Novel by Frederic Lindsay, published by Andre Deutsch, 1987

The Expendables Comic prequel by Chuck Dixon & Steve Polls, published by Dynamite Entertainment, 2010

Small Apartments Novel by Chris Millis, published by Anvil Press, 2001


Miscellany Books:
Brian Fitkin, The Fundamentals of Kyokushin Karate, 1982
(features photos of young Dolph Lundgren (Hans) demonstrating karate techniques)

Lilian Glass, Talk to Win: Six Steps to a Successful Vocal Image, Putman Publishing Group, 1988
(features foreword by Dolph Lundgren and photos of Dolph relaxation techniques as demonstrated in Maximum Potential)

Tim Hanson, The World of Action, Edel Company, 1990 (German)
(biographies of S. Stallone, A. Schwarzenegger, M. Gibson, C. Bronson, B. Lee, C. Norris, J.-C. Van Damme, H. Hogan, D. Carradine, D. Lundgren, M. Dudikoff)

Artur Jung, Action Fighters, Video Plus VP Video-Zeitschriftenverlag GmbH, 1991 (German)
(includes 8 pages about Dolph Lundgren)

William Schoell, Comic Book Heroes of the Screen, Citadel Press Books, 1991
(includes an article about Masters of the Universe and The Punisher)

John Corcoran, The Martial Arts Companion, Simon & Schuster, 1992 (Australia)
includes a profile of Dolph Lundgren in the martial arts cinema section)

Yvonne Tasker, Spectacular Bodies - Gender, Genre and the Action Cinema, Routledge, 1993
(a serious analysis of muscled action heroes)

John R. Sansevere & Erica Farber, Hollywood Fighters, Compact Books (Western Publishing Company), 1993
(Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Dolph Lundgren vs. Steven Seagal vs. The Lee Legacy)

Marshall Julius, Action! The Action Movie A-Z, Batsford Ltd, 1996
(includes a Dolph Lundgren profile and reviews of Masters of the Universe, Red Scorpion, The Punisher, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Universal Soldier, Joshua Tree and The Shooter)

Collectif Admiranda/Restricted n°11-12 "Fury, Le cinéma d'action contemporain", Projections et l'Institut de l'image, 1996 (French)
including an article about Joshua Tree "above the laws of gravity")

Christopher Heard Ten Thousand Bullets: the Cinematic Journey of John Woo, Lone Eagle, 2000
(includes an insight on the set of Blackjack)

Chris Holmlund, Impossible Bodies : Femininity and Masculinity at the Movies, Routledge, 2002
(includes the essay "Swede as other", an analysis of eight Dolph Lundgren movies)

Douglas Brode, Boys and Toys Ultimate - Action Adventure Movies, Citadel Press, 2003
(includes a small Dolph Lundgren biography)

Yvonne Tasker, Action and Adventure Cinema, Routledge, 2004
(includes the essay "Europeans in Action!" by C. Holmund, discussing Dolph Lundgren, Rutger Hauer, Jeroen Krabbe, Christophe Lambert and Jean-Claude Van Damme careers)

Frédéric Gimello-Mesplomb (collectif sous la direction de), Le cinéma des années Reagan : un modèle hollywoodien ?, Nouveau Monde Editions, 2007
(includes essays about the 80's action cinema under the Reagan era, Rocky IV and Red Scorpion are studied in details)

Paula Barbieri, The Other Woman - My Years with O.J. Simpson, published by Little Brown & Co., 1997
(written by Dolph Lundgren's ex-girlfriend, the informations in this book are to be taken with caution and care because they are unconfirmed or funded)

Magazines Article:
Michel Cieutat/Christian Viviani «Le Film d'Action Hollywoodien», Positif, n°443, January 1998 (French)
(includes a Dolph Lundgren profile and a serious analysis of action cinema)


General Books about Action Cinema
Janice Hocker Rushing & Thomas S. Frentz, Projecting the Shadow: The Cyborg Hero in American Film, The University of Chicago Press, 1995

Neal King Heroes in Hard Times - Cop Action Movies in the U.S., Temple University, 1999

Kenneth E. Hall John Woo - The Films, McFarland & Company, 1999

Jose Arryo (editor), Action/Spectacle Cinema, BFI (British Film Institute) Publishing, 2000

Susan Mackey-Kallis The Hero and the Perennial Journey Home in American Cinema, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001

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