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... Dolph Lundgren's apartheid rift ...
from Newark Star Ledger, January 18, 1988

A Swedish anti-apartheid group yesterday called for a boycott of all films starring muscleman actor Dolph Lundgren, saying his latest movie was being shot in Namibia (South West Africa) with South African support.

"We demand that Dolph stop filming 'Red Scorpion,' come to his senses and support the cultural boycott of South Africa, instead of being involved with this degrading project," a spokesman for Sweden's Isolate South Africa Committee said. The spokesman said that the Swedish actor's films would be put on the U.N. blacklist which would hinder their distribution in many countries.

Lundgren's muscular body won him the part of Sylvester Stallone's Soviet adversary in "Rocky IV" and a starring role in the recent "Masters of the Universe." "Red Scorpion," which deals with rebellion in black Africa, is being shot in South African-ruled Namibia, where the South West Africa People's Organization is fighting for independence from Pretoria's rule.


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